Saturday, February 6, 2016

This And That Feb 2016

Welcome back!! Yes, I know it's been awhile.. And not sure how many actually read/watched the fun with video post.But I'm sure a few of you may have actually liked it!!

                               But that's not why we are here today.... Today is a day to try and catch up on a few things  that have happened over the last few weeks..

                                                                                  We start with something I found while I was bored at work the other night.. The picture is the  original design for Three Rivers Stadium.

I always knew about the" Cut out" Version they started with, Which ended up as a typical stadium design in the late 60's early 70's.. But THIS... Wow, Someone was thinking WAY out of the box!! I can bet you the price tag alone was reason enough not to even try this option..But imagine how cool that would have been!!

David Bowie passed away on January 10 at age 69.There's not many artists who have covered so many types of music, And done it so well!!

Yes, The video to the left, May not be 1 of his best..But It's always been a favorite to me!

Here's where I get angry.... Lady Ga Ga... Is doing the tribute to Bowie at the Grammy's... My only question.... WHY?? Who the hell has this bitch blown to get such an honor??

I could rattle off 10 people who should have done a tribute..And 10 is being very generous.

And just over a week after David Bowie.. Glenn Frey passed away at 67..

Anyone who really knows me, Knows I am huge Eagles fan..
And have to admit I was pretty upset over his passing..I grew up  listening to Hotel California.. Hearing The Heat Is On watching the opening of Beverly Hills Cop..   Plus all his other solo hits,and all of his work with the Eagles.. The video on the left(OK, Not a actually a video..It just music.. Anyways, This is a song written by Frey.. Take a listen..

Safe Home To both Frey and Bowie!!

I'm about to go off on a serious rant..

WHEN.. When did it become OK to have cartoon bears tell me how clean their assholes are????

Honestly.... The latest commercial is the baby bear telling his friend this is good for you .......Skid Mark...... W    H A  T ???

I have a wish.. Please.. Sweet 9 Pound... 5 ounce Baby Jeebus.... Will you please... PLEASE... Find the person who came up with this....Shit....

And please hang them by their nipples..And open a box of carpenter ants on them!! I bet their ass will be squeaky clean after that!!

                              Well folks... Think That is about the end for this visit,, Hope you enjoyed a small does of this and that .. I hope to get more knocked out soon... But..Until next time..Please spay and neuter your pets.. Good night all!!                                          


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fun With Videos..Drunken Style!!

WARNING!!! THIS POST WILL OFFEND..If you are easily offended..Do NOT read.. That being said, If you can handle some serious swearing.. Read away...

There's always 1 person who takes things to the extreme at a party..But what happens when when you take that party on the road? Glad you asked...        

00:00-00:02  This where you just want your money back..

00:03-00:09- Now enter the frat boys.. Fuck her in the pussy...Didn't know that was you Mr Winston..

00:10-00:15 You wish you could? Is this her stating she doesn't think he could have ntercourse? And there she is folks, What a train wreck!!

00:16-00:20  He said.. Fuck her right in the pussy!! Are deaf AND drunk stupid?

00:21-00:23 Our hero hides his phone, As he says it YET again!! This guy wants some!!

00:24- 00:26  Hey..His Name is Drew.. Big fucking deal Drew..

00:27-00:30  How Do I know you? Facebook.... Because you REALLY must have checked her out .

00:31-00:47 A young Stevie Nicks gives us a recap of what has went down!!

00:48-00:50 If she says they suck.. They do..Because she knows about sucking!

00:51-01:06  Hi Felicia... Now get off my fucking car!

01:07-01:15 He's hungry..And also sounding a BIT fem...

01:16-01:30  Oh..Her name is Alicia.. Whatever....

01:31-01:50  It never hurts to pound on the drive thru window.. And what the hell did she just say?

01:51-02:00  More drunk talking..But there's a fat bitch scream.. Annnd back into your drunk mobile..

02:01-02:07  See what happens when you call the lady inside names.. Cheese it...It's the fuzz!!!

02:08-02:50  Dude, Bro.. He says.. Dude they are drinking beer ..No shit Capt obvious... You just had her on your car..You have anything in here??? Dude you had weed and didn't share? Fucker...

02:51-03:01 They are drinking beer and everything... Why don't they arrest them.. Because they have to figure out what's going on  Commissioner Gordon..

03:02-03:33  There's that fem voice coming back..Heyyyyyyyy

03:34-04:50 Bro..Dude, Dude, Bro.. I don't wanna be on TV.. You are already..No it's You Tube.. And you haven't even posted it yet.. Because your sitting here you stupid fuck...

04:51-05:10  Blah blah blah ..Dude, Bro..

05:11-05:22  Pull her out..If these guys had their way..They'd pull her out by her pussy bro.. Dude...

05:23-05:35  Don't tase her Bro.

05:36- 06:05 That escalated quickly.. Did she just say she is pregnant? Pretty sure all those beers won't help MOM!

06:06-06:14  She really blew the landing.. Russian judges will not like that..Points will be lost.

06:15-06:30 Dude..She cracked her cranium..Bro I hope she doesn't have a concussion..

06:31-  06:55 Dude, Who's Knockin? I don't know Bro..

06:56- 07:15 NOW they decide it's time to bail?? What the shit ..It's not over!!

07:20- 08:00  Just a couple dudes..Laughing like girls.. Nothing to see here..

Sunday, January 3, 2016

NFL Pick Em's Week 17

Welcome back to yet another week of  what we hope is NOT the last pick em's of the season!!

Fucking Baltimore?? Nice game prep!!
I say that because as long as the Steelers get in the playoffs... And honestly, That is a big maybe... We will continue on with picks.. But after the shitty egg laid last week in Baltimore, The 1 easy way to get in now turns into you better hope and pray!!

Pittsburgh(9-6) At Cleveland(3-12)

You had 1 thing to do!!! Win and you would be in.. But just like Steeler teams of old.. You lost to a team that had NO excuse to be in the same building as you!! Not only that, You lost the AFC North, You win that game, You have a shot at the division .. So much for that!

OK... Enough of that shit from last week.. You're playing a team with a losing record, They are playing their 4th or 5th string quarterback... NO.... This does NOT give you reason to relax..

                                            Cleveland is going to at least try.. Coach is playing for his job, Well he be.. From all reports, Johnny Foot ball has a concussion... Guess it doesn't affect his drinking..

Steelers win, And The Jets lose.. Steelers back in playoffs.. Steelers lose, Cleveland gets the#2 pick overall,,,      Final Score, Mighty Mcbeams 45- With the #1 pick overall.... Cleveland show 21.

Washington(8-7) At Dallas(4-11)

Let's be honest..You already know the outcome.. And RG3 will probably make an appearance by games end..

Short and sweet..

 Final Score, Offensive team name  24- Washington 31.

      Philadelphia(6-9) At New York(Andre's 6-9)

It's the runner up bowl!  Loser gets third place, Bronze medal.. Oh screw it.. This division sucks AND blows.. Final score, Eagles 21- Andre's 32.

 Minnesota(10-5) At Green Bay(10-5)

Here it is folks, The last regular season game of the 2015 season.. And a hell of a game I'm sure it will be!

This is what it's all about, Last game, 2 Teams tied for the division lead, Winner takes it all..

This is easy.. Final Score, Vikings 26- Cheese Heads 38!

                                                             And there you have it, Another week of somewhat thought out, Professional football picks.. And just when you thought I was done.. Buffalo beats the Jets 24-21 in overtime!! That is my bonus pick of the day!!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

NFL Pick Em's Week 16

Welcome back to the loyal 2 or 3 readers, Hard to believe the season is almost over.. Well except the playoffs...Which I was out of in 2 out of 3 Fantasy football leagues by week 10!!

That third team.... 2nd place regular season... Somehow ended up #3 .... Go figure!!


Pittsburgh (9-5) At Baltimore(4-10)

This is not the usual Rat Birds vs McBeams..The Ravens have had injuries, Bad drafting, Free agency .. Just sucking out loud.. Poetic justice would be for them to lose the last 2 games, Cleveland win at least 1... But we know The Browns can't handle that!!

The only problem with this game? I see this as the the trap game..Oh look, You're riding high... Now how about just falling on your face right about here..... I don't think so Scooter..
                                                                 Final  Score, Fighting Rooney's 42- Convicted Rat Birds 21.

Dallas(4-10) At Buffalo(6-8)

Let's be honest, The only reason to watch this game is to see Rex Ryan lose his mind!!Both teams suck, The big names on offense are hurt.. Unless you are a fan, Who cares..

Final Score, Jerry's Boys 24- Da Bills 31..

Cleveland (3-11) At Kansas City(9-5)

The factory of sadness continued over the Holiday.. 2 Browns players were arrested.. Proving once and for all.. Even the Browns can get arrested...

Welcome back to the trap game, KC style...

Final Score, Brownies 28- KC Masterpieces..24..

Maam..Please sit down!!
Green Bay(10-4) At Arizona(12-2)

Of course the best game of the day is not on Sun day or Monday night!!

Let's not beat around the bush.. You and I both know who I am going with...

Final Score, Packers 36- Red Birds 34..

New York(Andre's(6-8) At Vikings (9-5)

I would normally say this is a game the Andre's can win.. Well that was until Odell Beckham decided to go coo coo for cocoa puffs!!

Andre's 21-  Vikings 34...

Way to go Beckham!!

                                                           And there you have it,.Yet another week of somewhat thought out football picks.. As always, If you can pick them better.. prove it!! Until next time, There's always life beyond thunder dome!!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

NFL Pick Em's Week 15

Welcome back my friends.. Before we get to the picks, I want to thank everyone who broke a record last week..
This tiny little blog of mostly dick jokes, And football picks set it's all time record of readers last week with.....211??? What the blue hell... And where the hell where you at the first 5 plus years !! With that ...We have also finally broken 20,000 views.. Which I never dreamed of happening!!For that, I thank each and every one of you!! And now.. On with the football related dick jokes..

New York(Jets  8-5) At Dallas (4-9) Sat 8:25 PM

Call me old fashion, Why did you say such a hurtful thing? 
Anyways.. This is the part of the season when the NFL shows games on Saturday nights to schedule around the holidays, make more money, Make small children and animal happy.... Whatever the reason, We are Blessed...  Tortured to watch games like this..  And speaking as a Steelers fan,This is  something like Christmas, I only do this  once a year..
Final Score, Green Planes 24- Broke Backs 31??

Carolina (13-0) At New York(Andre's 6-7)  1:00 pm

On paper, You'd expect the Giants to be beaten worse then Rodney King.. But The Panthers are starting to get that point where it's taking a last minute play to finish a game..
Case in point,Last week against the Saints.. Carolina had to play keep up with the Saints, Then after scoring the final touchdown, Pull off a defensive stop..  Yes, That's football, But they dodged a huge bullet last week  when TE Greg Olsen left the game with a very not so serious knee injury.. I'm all for a team to shut the 72 Dolphins up,And run the table, But every week gets harder..
 You know where I'm heading with this .. Final Score, Panthers 42- Andre's 31...Yeah I lied....

Everything was going great..Until Johnny's wang slipped out!
Packers(9-4) At Oakland (6-7)

this actually may be a pretty good game, Oakland is no longer as horrendous as seasons past, Decent QB,Ok defense.. And of course the Packers are the Packers.. Just seem to reload every season..If the Steelers were not on at 4..I'd watch this game, But they are,And I won't..

Final Score, Packers 31- Silver Pirates 14.

Cleveland(3-10) At Seattle(8-5)

Shawn, I feel for you this week.. Have to watch a tale of 2 teams you like.. 1 Team is successful, Good front office.. The other team.... Let's just leave it at that!!

Final Score, Brownies 24-...... Seahawks..21... This what you call a trap game!!!

Denver(10-3) At Pittsburgh(8-5)

Honestly, This should be the Sunday night or Monday night game! I actually did a double take when I realized Denver was 10-3.. The last few weeks have been rough, But still a tough defense(Broncos ranked #1) .

But let's be honest.. You already know who I'm going to pick..

Final Score, Orange Ponies 24- Large Ben's 41..

                                                                    And there you have it folks.. Yet another week of nowhere close to thought out professional football guesses..1 Last thing.. Thank you again for the HUGE uptick in readers last week!!  Until next time.. You pick your friends, and you can pick your noses.. Oh fuck it, You know the rest!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

NFL Pick Em's Week 14

                                         Welcome back again for another weeks worth of somewhat thought out NFL picks.. Not saying they are going to be correct.. Just saying I did in fact think about them...

Are you sure X  Pac started like this?
Pittsburgh(7-5) At Cincinnati (10-2)

I don't care if this game is being played in Times Square, The only outcome is a win..

Final Score, Large Ben's 38- Bungles 24.

THAT explains alot!!
                  San Francisco(4-8) At Cleveland (2-10)

            Unless you are a fan of either team, Who is going to watch this? This falls under the  Watching grass grow, Cars rust category.. Who cares..
          Final Score,Prospectors  24- Mighty Manzels 26...

 Dallas (4-8) At Green Bay (8-4)

The funniest thing about this game, IF the Cowboys would actually pull this off, And win... And The Andre's, Washington, And the Eagles all lose.. 4 way tie for NFC Least lead....

Does it happen? Not today kids.. Not today..

Final Score, Broke Backs, 26- Double Checkers 44.

New York(5-7)  At Miami (5-7) Monday Night(???)

THIS is your Monday night game? Why in the name of Sweet 9 Pound, 5 Ounce Baby Jeebus would this abortion be shown on national television??

Only bright side of this? You will see Eli run for his life for 60 minutes..

Final Score, Andre's 24- Texans 24... Yep.. It's a tie.. With it, The Andre's take over first place!!

                                                And there you have it.. Just like eating 14 eggo waffles .. This too shall

Thursday, December 3, 2015

NFL Pick Ems Week 13

Well.. Last week did not go as well as planned... Horrible defenses, Ref's blown calls.. You name it, It happened.. But I assure you, THIS week will be the best!!

Or at least we hope...

Green Bay(7-4) At Detroit(4-7) Thursday night

It's that time of year again folks,. The Lions, Taking a page from the Andre's book, Where they actually play enough football to get back into the playoff picture..

The Packers .. Seem to be trying to just stay alive..

Final Score, Packers 36- Blue Kittens 28.

Cincinnati (9-2) At Cleveland (2-9)

                                                         I...Just do not know what to say...

Fuck it.. Final Score, Bungles 19- Brownies 20!

New York(Jets 6-5) At New York(Andre's 5-6)

You know what.. I do not even have the energy to deal with this.. 
Final Score, Jets 34-Andre's 24..

Indianapolis (6-5) At Pittsburgh(6-5) 

Another year, Another Colts visit.. Final Score, Horses 24- Mighty McBeams 38..

Dallas(3-8) At Washington(5-6) Monday Night 

Sadly if everyone in the NFC Least lost, And the Cowboys win.. They have a slim shot.. I don't really like either team... Final Score, Broke Backs 24- Washington Football Team 24..

Until next time  ladies and gentlemen.