Sunday, December 4, 2016

NFL Pick Em's Week 13

Some days you just feel alone..Like the poor guy sitting in the stadium.. This is why I do the pick em's.. To hopefully make that 1 person smile!!

This week will be a bit different, After spending almost 24 hours in bed with some kind of flu,This leaves very little time to get the ol blog post done.. So it's just score this week... I apologize for "not bringing the funny" Hopefully we get back to normal next week!!

Houston At Green Bay -Cheese Heads 45-24
Andre's at Pittsburgh   Large Ben's 34-28

And there you have it. A VERY truncated version of our, Non thought out, No where near scientific pro football picks. Hopefully you are not using these picks as a means for income....

Until next time,  May a Japanese chef tell you to Wok this way!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

NFL Pick Em's Week 12

Welcome back to our 2 or 3 loyal readers!! Last week was not too shabby.. Let's go for a clean sweep this week!

There are 3 games for your viewing pleasure on Thanksgiving. We will probably watch parts of all 3, But we will only be picking our normal teams as always..

Thanksgiving Day
Washington(6-3-1) At Dallas (9-1)
4:30 PM FOX

Let's be honest, Does anyone think Washington stands a chance? Well I have 2 scenarios. You take your pick..

Final Score (A) Washington 24- Broke Backs 38.

Final Score (B) Washington 36- Jerry's Boys  14.

Score B is if by some chance Romo gets involved!!

Pittsburgh(5-5) At Indianapolis (5-5)

8:30 PM NBC

Now I am playing Russian Roulette with a computer that wants to crash.. So we are just going to get to the picks..

Final Score
, Large Ben's 42- Blue Horseshoes 28

Sunday Games

                                                                                    New York(Andre's)(7-3) At Cleveland (0-11)
                                                                                   1:00 PM FOX
                                                                                          Andre's 24- Cleveland Show 28.
                                                                                    Green Bay(4-6) At Philadelphia(5-5)_
                                                                                            Monday Night 8:30 PM  ESPN
                                                                                          Acme Packers 27- Green Birds 24.

And there you have it folks, Yet another week of not even thought out, Non scientific football picks.
As always, If you can do better, Prove it! Until next time, The wish bone is not what you think it is!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

NFL Pick Em's Week 11

Welcome back to  yet another week of what are supposed to be winning picks.. Not so much last few.. But as we always say, Ever forward..

Pittsburgh(4-5) At Cleveland (0-10) 1:00 PM CBS

Well..... That was a great ending last week wasn't it? If you are a Cowboys/Ezekiel Elliot fan maybe..

That is at least 3 of the last 4 losses they just brain farted in the 4th quarter.. Something has to change, And hopefully it starts this week.

BUT.... These are the Steelers... And for some reason..They always lose games like this,Hell they've lost a few games all together!!

The only difference is it's Cleveland, And they never show up for these games..
Final Score, Large Ben's 31- Cleveland Show 18.

  Baltimore(5-4) At Dallas(8-1) 1:00 PM CBS

What do we do here? I dislike both teams... Eh fuck it.. Go with what got you here..
Final Score, Convicts 21- Broke Backs 34.

The hate is good!!

Chicago(2-7) At New York( Andre's) 6-3) 1:OO PM FOX

Yeah, This won't take long to figure out.. This is so easy, The Tardy boys could wrap this up in 5 minutes..
Final Score, Da Bears 12- Andre's 28.

Green Bay(4-5) At Washington(5-3-1)

Sunday Night 8:30 PM

Last time we saw the Pack, They were on the wrong end of a hosing.. Not many people put 47 up on them..Chalk it up as a bad week..

Final Score, Cheese Heads 47  Washington football team who's name we won't mention 28.

                                                       And there you have it.. Yet another week of nowhere close to thought out,A planet away from being scientific Football picks.. As always, If you can do better, Please do!!

And until next time,You can't have any pudding until you eat your meat.. How could anyone have pudding if you don't eat your meat? 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

NFL Pick Em's Week 11

Welcome back for yet another fun filled week.. I guess Vice President Biden read last weeks picks......

As always, Onward and Upward...

Since I forgot to get this post done before the kickoff Thursday night..

This was the final result of the Browns/Ravens game..

 Green Bay(4-4) At Tennessee(4-5)
1:00 pm FOX
This is not the Packers of years past.. But no one should be surprised by this.. Every year the Packers lose a WR, or TE, And just continue on.

But it's much nharder when you have no running back.. When your wide receiver  is your main runner.. You have issues..
So all those games they used to pull off, By having a running game that could kill the clock at the end of a game, Are gone.. Now it's a crap shoot to get to the end of the game with a lead at all..  Still fun to watch though!
                                                                  Final Score, Cheese Heads 34- Titans 24.

 Dallas(7-1) At Pittsburgh(4-4)  4:25 PM FOX

Americas team against Americas team..Well that's what everyone wants to believe.. But Dallas is NOT  Americas team.. At least not anymore.. That day ended when Jerry Jones fired Tom Landry!!

That and not winning a playoff game in how many years now?

And before you say it, Yes I am a die hard Steelers fan!!It's kind of hard to not be, When usually this is the first team you're aware of. We all have this in our own areas..We love our teams no matter what!!

But there's a point where you must be critical of your team.. A true fan can be this way, Just because you buy every jersey,And have Steelers underwear doesn't make you a fan!! Loving your team through the worst times makes you a fan!!

And  yes, This season has been filled with ups and downs, But still a lot of football left to play!! And guess what, Large Ben is probably going to feel much better being at home, And having that god awful game pushed back in his memory.. At least we can hope so!
                                                                    Final Score, Jerry's Boys  28- Rooney's Boys 42.

Cincinnati (3-4-1) At New York (Andre's) (5-3)

                    Monday Night 8:30 PM ESPN

Show of hands, Who is going to watch this game based on the 2 teams playing? Now another show of hands who's watching this based on hoping this game doesn't mess up your fantasy football game? Yeah, That's what I thought!

Final Score, Bungles 24- Andre's 34.

And there you have it folks, Yet another week of not really thought out, Nowhere near scientific Football picks. As always, We caution you against using these picks for betting purposes..
 Until next time, A Trump in the hand, Is worth 2 of the Bush...

Saturday, November 5, 2016

NFL Pick Em's Week 9

Welcome back for another fun filled post of attempted humor, And failed football picks..

For some strange reason, You keep coming back... And in record numbers!!! Yet another record breaking week..I am beyond amazed, And I can only thank you from the heart of my bottom.. I promise I will keep on trying to make you smile, Or whatever brings you here!! And with that.. Onward and upward...

Pittsburgh(4-3) At Baltimore(3-4)  1:00 PM CBS

Ah The rivalry continues, Honestly, This game is not the 1 taht was marked on most fans calendars.. That was the Bungles game at home a few weeks ago..

It's not that this game is any less exciting, And not missing some of the physicality of the seasons before..

It's that most of the cheap shot artist Ravens are gone now, Most in jail, Or attempting to be a "journalist"..
IF Ben plays, This is going to be a high scoring game.. I go with Ben to start
Final Score, Mighty McBeams 42- Rotten Birds 24.
Dallas (6-1) At Cleveland (0-8)  1:00 PM FOX
Wow...Where do we start? On paper, This a HUGE mismatch.. But of course this is the NFL,So anything is possible..
How possible you ask?Final Score Brokebacks 21- Cleveland Show 24!!! They deserve it after the week Cleveland  fans have went through!!

Philadelphia(4-3) At New York(Andre's) (4-3)

       1:00 PM FOX

Holy crap, There are actually a few good games on early this week..And then there is this game.. I know, The Eagles have looked good, And the Giants show flashes of ..somewhat OK...But what is the over /under on interceptions going to be for this game? I'll go with 7...
Final Score, Green Birds 28- Andre's 34.

Indianapolis (3-5) At Green Bay (4-3)
4:25 PM  CBS

Colts owner Jim  Irsay proclaimed his team could be 6-0.. Well Jim...I could be a porn star...But lack of equipment prohibits that..
You put everything on Luck actually being a good quarterback, Which he has been, But his interceptions usually kill him.. Then there's Green Bay.. Who have the Wide receiver who is going to be their leading rusher!! I actually hope this game is on locally..
                                                    Final Score, Blue Horse shoes  31- Acme Movers 41.

And there you have it folks.. Yet another week of nowhere near thought out, Non scientific Professional football picks.. These picks should NEVER be used for betting..But as always, If you do.. Don't forget to send us a cut!!  Until next time.. Don't let your carrot stick.. Or your meat loaf!!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

NFL Pick Em's Week 8

  Welcome back to yet another week of fun and games..

After last week, The picture on the left is probably MORE realistic then you think!!
 As we always say.. Ever forward..

New York(Jets) (2-5) At Cleveland (0-7) 1:00 PM CBS

Is this the week the Browns finally win? Is this the week Ryan Fitzpatrick turns on the Fitzmagic?
Something has to happen here folks.. Quite frankly, I always say how unwatchable some games are.. But my sweet Jeebus this could be a complete cluster fuck..These are the games when you wish the end was already there..
Final Score, Green planes 21- Cleveland Show 21  Only way this is a real Browns game..

Green Bay(4-2) At Atlanta (4-3) 4:25 PM FOX

I am going to be brutally honest.. I dislike Matt Ryan... Oh he'll score a ton of points.Until you trade away the future for him!!
his prick will just kill your whole week.. Traded for this asshole a couple years ago, Went on to score a whopping 84 points in 7 weeks!!!
 Mind you there was a 24 point game in that mix.. Plus his first week as my starter he went out and got....-1..Yeah.. Not 1 quarterback I have ever had angers me as much as he did!! For that reason alone.. Final Score, Cheese Heads 48- Flight less birds 24.

Matt Ryan will have 5 interceptions, A safety,AND 3 fumbles!!! What a flaming douche!!

Philadelphia (4-2) At Dallas(5-1)  8:30 NBC

Someone must have told Jerry Jones that actually having a quarterback who DOESN'T throw picks is actually a very good thing!

Word out of Dallas is Tony Romo will not just be jumping back into the lineup..

What a shame, I was ready to start counting all those interceptions again..This really should be a good game, As long as you are a Cowboys or Eagles fan...Otherwise it's 4 hours of Practically blowing Carson Wentz and Zak   Dak Prescott  by  Flaming Uber Douche, Chris Collinsworth .. And that will only come when 1 of them does something good.. Final Score, Green Birds 34- Jerry's Boys 33. Nail biter..

And there you have it folks.. Yet another week of not thought out..Nowhere near scientific,professional football game picks.. As always, If you actually win money from these picks... Start sharing you cheap bastard!! Until next time,You can beat your friends, You can beat your meat..But You CAN NOT beat your friends meat(In most states?)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

NFL Pick Em;s Week 7

Welcome back to yet another fun filled week of what the hell happened?

And by that I mean the annual,Steelers take a nap during a ballgame Insert year.....

I am not sure how many of you who read the blog follow me on Facebook, But last Sunday afternoon was filled with hateful posts about coach Mike Tomlin..

I will not back down from those comments, Yes, I am a die hard Steelers fan..But That does not mean I am going to sit back and not say what's on my mind.... As our motto here is, Always forward.

I want to apologize to the 1 maybe 2 readers who root for the Packers, I totally forgot they played Thursday night.. But I probably would have picked them anyways... REAL Final Score, 26-10
New York(Andre's)(3-3)VS L.A Rams (3-3)

London ,England 9:30 AM NFL Netowrk

Cheerio, Pip Pip.. All that good crap..

The real choice here is, Do you wake up at 9:30 am?? I mean it is football..Good luck with that.
Final Score, Andre's 34- Hollywood Goats 27.

Cleveland(0-6) At Cincinnati(2-4) 1:00 PM CBS

Welcome to the factory of sadness, The game..
This should be unwatchable, Unless you're our good friend R.S!! Then You'll be peppering in choice words, Maybe a air punch or 2..

Let's cut to the chase here..
Final Score, Brownie Bites 31- Bungles 21.. Kessler gets the W, And The new City of Champions (God that hurts me to say it) Erupts with joy!!

New England (5-1) At Pittsburgh(4-2)
4:25 PM CBS

If I were you, I would be puking to Larry...

That loss against the Dolphins may have been the abso lute Worst played game I have seen in forever!!

No tempo on offense, No run defense.. And, As Larry is showing you, Apparently no conditioning either.. When a former team mate calls your coaches out for this shit..You have a problem!!

Now you have to face the Patriots without Large Ben.. I wish I could say I won't watch this game..But I am a Steelers fan.. So I'll watch till the beat downs is on.. Mid 2nd quarter......

Who am I kidding..
Never rule out the under dogs!! Final Score, Belicheats 31- Medium Landry's 34. 

And there you have it folks,Yet another week of nowhere near thought out, Professional  Football picks.. As always, If you win money on these bets...Let's see some cash rolling this way!!

Before we go, I want to thank you yet again..Last week we broke yet ANOTHER record  for page views AND New readers!! Thank you all so much! I never get much feedback, But seeing those numbers  makes my day!!

Until next time, Don't eat the Veal.... It's human....