Wednesday, November 25, 2015

NFL Pick Em's Week 12 Part 1

Welcome back friends, Want to wish all 3 of you who read this a very Happy Thanksgiving!!
As tradition on the blog,, We always play  the WKRP Turkey drop.. To this day, 1 Of the funniest clips you'll ever watch!!Now feed your face, And get ready for some football!!

Make your own joke...
Carolina(10-0) At Dallas (3-7) 4:25 PM
How sad is it that the unbeaten Panthers are underdogs?

This is a Dallas team that beat a Miami team who has no idea which way is up.. Meanwhile, The Panthers destroyed a Washington Football team.. You already know where I'm heading with this.

Final Score, Black and Blue Kitties.. 34- Jerry's boys 24.. Eat some humble pie Jerry!!

It's ok Jay.. We know you suck.. So go out there and toss 4 ints..
Chicago (4-6) At Green Bay(7-3) 8:30 PM Thursday Night.. (Thanksgiving for some)

Should I waste my time telling toy Jay Cutler is going to light up the scoreboard? How he's turning the corner? Nope..
This game is being played at Lambeau..Not to mention Farve's number will be retired  ..Plus the Packers have that guy named Rogers..

Final Score, Da Bears 21- Packers 38..

And there you have it folks..Part 1 of not thought out professional football picks..

                                                                                         To the loyal 2 or 3.. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Don't support ANY business open tomorrow, And be safe! Until Part 2,, Gobble Gobble Indeed....

Sunday, November 22, 2015

NFL Pick Em's Week 11

Welcome back to week 11..WOW.. This season is flying by! Very short list of teams this week... Seems like everyone gets the week 11 bye..
At least we know the Browns can't lose...

Dallas  (2-7) At Miami(4-5) 1:00pm

Welcome back Tony Romo! The over/under on how long Romo stays upright today? I'm going to say first series he is sacked... At least once...

Honestly,Who is watching this? Yes, It's football... But what the shit?

Broke Backs 21- Land Sharks 34..

Green Bay(6-3) At Minnesota (7-2) 4:25PM

What the hell is happening to the Packers? They were riding high at 6-0,Every "expert" was saying this was the team to run the table.. Then 3 straight losses later, This game suddenly becomes a cliche "Must win"... They are already 1 game down in the standings, Lose today, You find that hole gets a bit deeper...

But they are playing the Vikings..So anything is possible I guess..

Final Score,Double Checkers 34- Purple Guys 28.

                                                                                 And there you have it folks,.Another week of not thought out football picks.. These picks are not meant to be used for betting purposes .. Not like you'd win money with these.. Until next time... The hills are alive.. With the sound of music!!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

NFL Pick Em's Week 10

Welcome back to yet another week of picks that may.... Or may not go your way.. Before we start the picks.. Just take a moment out of your day, And say a prayer for the people of France during these times..

OK... Let's start making dick jokes....


Oh for fuck's sakes.. Again!!!
Cleveland (2-7) At Pittsburgh(5-4) 1:00 ,PM

On paper, This game is over before it starts!! But as always, This is why you play the games..I honestly think the Browns will do what they have done all season, Find a way to stay in a game most of the way.. Then of course the Browns turn back into the Browns...
Final Score, Cleveland Show 16- Large Ben's 37..

Megatron? Fuck off we have James Jones bitches!!
Detroit (1-7) At Green Bay(6-2) 1:00 PM

The Lions  gets to leave the urban wasteland      landscape  of Detroit and take on the Packers in Green Bay..
If you don't look at the records, And just the stats.. You would think they would be fighting for the division lead..But Detroit is kind of like Cleveland Mid North west.. Used to have great teams..Ok, Somewhat great teams.. But last dozen or so years all they have is mostly shit served on a cracker.. Oh I know, The Lions have Megatron.. They have Fat..Matt Stafford.. But what else?  Another one of these It's going to be ugly games. Final Score, Fat Staffords 21- Discount Doublers 48.

Dallas(2-6) At Tampa Bay (3-6)  1:00 PM

Holy shit, Another shitty game?? What the fuck NFL??? I understand it's only week 10.. But can't you flex this shit to Thursday Night? Oh, That's right.. You already had the shit sandwich Bowl(Featuring the Jets and Bills) Thursday!!

This is even worse then  having to watch Buffalo/Cleveland AT Buffalo.. IN A WIND STORM!! ..
Final Score, Broke Backs  16- Swashbucklers 31.

New England(8-0) At New York(Andre's 5-4)

Finally!! A game that should be at least exciting!! Let's just get this over before a Patriots fan find their way in, And slobbers all over Bill He  Cheats  balls...

Final Score..Patriots 21- Andre's  31.. Yep.. They beat them once again.. And then the band played!

                                                                                 Well folks, There you have weeks worth of football picks not highly thought out for your entertainment purposes... Until next times.. Be good to each other!!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

NFL Pick Em's Week 9

Welcome back yet again my friends to the picks that never end!!Last Week.. Eh not so much.. But we move on and hopefully we get back to our winning ways!!

Like my rod?
Oakland (4-3)At Pittsburgh(4-4) 
Let's face it folks, These are not your fathers Raiders, They are above 500 at the mid point of the season!!

Keeping with my tradition of just getting to the point... 
Final Score, Black And Silver Pirates.. 21, Mighty McBeams 44.

Green Bay(6-1) At Carolina(7-0)
Everyone is talking about the season Cam Newton is having, But talk about that defense..Not quite on the lines of the Denver defense, But pretty damn good!Speaking of Pretty good.. There's that Rodgers fellow at quarter back for the visiting Packers..Oh fuck it.. You know what's going to happen.. 
Final Score, Pack 31- Blue and Silver kitties 24. 
New York(Andre's 4-4) At Tampa Bay(3-4) 

Well maybe this week the Andre's can keep the score under 50.. Not saying the defense is bad, But New Orleans just scored  again 15 minutes ago ..
And Tampa, You are not left out of this..At 3-4, Your record would be good for a 3  way tie  for second place in the NFC Least!!

Final Score, Andre's 44- Pewter Swashbucklers, 31..

Philadelphia(3-4)At Dallas(2-5) 2-5 Really?? Good lord, You have sucked out loud!!Let's just make this short and sweet shall we... Final Score, Green Birds, 34-  Jerry's Boys 28..

And there you have it folks.. Yet another week of not really thought out, Not even scientific football picks.. Until next time.. Don't forget to tip your waiter, And the Veal is actually human!!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

NFL Pick Em's..Week 8.. The Lost Picks

Here's the deal, Yet again I had MAJOR computer problems last week.. And of course, Things started coming back to life just after kickoff of the 1 PM games.. So, In a small token of pay back.. And hell, A bit of fun.. Here's the original picks, PLUS the outcome..

Welcome back my friends to the blog that somehow never ends.,, We know what you're here for, NFL picks.. So why wait any longer!!

I'm Back Bitches!!!

                             Cincinnati (6-0) At Pittsburgh (4-2)  1:00PM CBS
He's back!! A healthy Ben, With a healthy lineup, Nothing but goooooood times ahead.. Final Score, Orange Kitty Cats 14- Mighty McBeams 28.

Well.... We were QUITE off on that one weren't we... Yes.. That was a loss.. Plus losing Bell for the season.. Oh fuck it..  Move on!
Arizona (5-2) At Cleveland (2-5) 1:00PM CBS
The Browns defense has kept them in games most of the season, Here's hoping they can do it yet again...Josh McCown is the key, Keep him upbright, You stand a chance!   Lord knows they need all the help they can get! Final Score, Red Birds 24- Brownies 21.
What really happened... Well at least PART of that score is right..Congratulations Browns, Nothing like being up at halftime, And choke by the end of the game!! Final .. 34-20 Cardinals..

New York(Andre's 3-3) At New Orleans (3-4)
Oh setting pictures up is NO fun!!!

OK, I'm going to just get the pick out of the way.The defense of the Andre's has more holes then swiss cheese..Final Score, Andre's 31- Who Deys? 38..

What really happened? Oh, Not much.. I was right about the porous defense of the Andre's.. But The Saints was just as bad.. Actual score, Andre's 49, Saints 52!!!! Holy shit I sure wish I had that Brees guy in my Fantasy football lineup!!

Packers At Broncos... 

Folks, This is why you save a game for Sunday night.. 2 undefeated teams, Great defenses, And of course 2 great corporate pitchmen..I mean  quaternacks... Final Score, Packers 35-Broncos 28.

Yeah.. That's not entirely correct.. OK, Not even close.. Who saw this coming?
 Actual Final, Packers 10, Broncos 29... Ouch...

And there you have it my friends.. Another weeks picks of not thought out pro football guesses...  Until next time.. Never trust your barber or your stock broker...

Sunday, October 25, 2015

NFL Pick Em's Week 7

Welcome back again for week 7 of the NFL Season..
Yes, I know what I said last week, I said the Packers would lose.. Hey... Anyone else who has 500 plus yards offense put up against them would have

So as I watch the Jaguars destroy the Bills..Here's what we have this week....

 Pittsburgh(4-2) At Kansas City(1-5)  1:00 PM CBS

What is there to say? This should not even be a tough game.. BUT, Those are the games the Steelers kind of choke on..Landry Jones will make his first NFL start, After coming off the bench and helping the comeback against the Cardinals..

The Chiefs leading rusher is now Alex Smith, Who yes is the starting QB .. That alone should say it all..
 Final Score, Mighty McBeams 34- Chefs 19. .

Cleveland(2-4) At St Louis(2-3) 1:00 PM CBS

Leave it to the Browns to find defeat in the grasp of victory..

After staying with Denver into overtime. They found another way to just give up...Well The Rams are not undefeated, And do not have a defense like the Broncos.. Let's cut to the chase here.

Final Score, Cleveland Show 24- Billy Goats 20.

Dallas(2-3) At New York(Andres 3-3)

 4:25 PM FOX

Welcome to the NFC Least//Where being average is worth the division lead..IF Philadelphia loses, And the Brokebacks win.. There would be a 3 way tie for first place..Ugh..With Matt Cassel ,Who wasn't good enough to start for the Bills, So they traded him away.. Who is going to watch this crap? No me...
 Final Score, Broke Backs 14- Andres 34.

And there you have it folks, Yet another week of not thought out,,Some what NFL picks.. As always, You think you could do better?Well submit your picks.. Doesn't even have to be the teams I pick.. Until next time, It's just a step to the right...

Saturday, October 17, 2015

NFL Pick Em's Week 6

He GOT ALL 5 PICKS RIGHT?? Who would have guessed..
Welcome back to the loyal 2 or 3!! What a week we had with picks!! Going 5-5 for possibly the first time in the 5 plus years of this little ol blog!!

Lord knows we shall try and duplicate that feat again, But hey..Don't hold your breath or anything..

Denver(5-0) At Cleveland(2-3) 1:00 PM CBS

Of all the picks I got right last week,Picking the Browns over the Ravens was a pleasure!! Can I say this week Denver falls from the undefeated? Guess I am leaning towards... Yes... Manning has been horrible against lesser defenses.. And all kidding aside. The Browns do have a decent defense..

Now just don't put Johnny Football in.
. Final Score,Orange Horses 24-Cleveland Show 31.

No.. You can't touch it..

Pittsburgh (3-2)

1:00 PM FOX

Here's the rematch to 1 of the best Super Bowls in recent history,
The Large Ben's won Super Bowl 43, And a lot has changed since that February evening, Plus no Large Ben in this game, Thankfully last weeks time clock fiasco didn't cost them a win,
Still sucks  when you lose 18 seconds when you're trying for a game winning drive!!

Arizona may have 1 of the best defenses,But Le''Veon Bell is a beast!!3 games since his return, All he has done is rushed for 302 yards and 3 touchdowns.. Go with the house money .. Always bet on Black.... And Gold... Final Score, Red Birds 21.Mighty McBeams 28.. Chalk another one up!

Wait.. We lost last weekl?

San Diego(2-3) At Green Bay(5-0)

4:25 PM FOX

Let's be honest here, All the Bolts have done is stay in every game they have been in, But you don't get awards for staying in games..

I ma going to do something I don't think I have ever done on Pick Em's..

Final Score,Laser Faces 34- Acme Cheese 31.. You read it here first folks!!

Sweet not a pick 6.. Ah shit....
New York(Andre's 3-2) At Philadelphia (2-3)

Monday Night 8:30 PM ESPN

It's sad this is a Monday game, Why you ask? Well my friends, This is the last pick of the week.. And let's be honest.. Maybe, Just maybe New Orleans was just THAT bad last week.. I still don't think Philly has it all together..

Final Score, Andre's 41- CheeseSteaks 24..

                                    And there you have it.. Yet another week of not really thought out, Not really researched professional football picks.. As always, If you think you can pick these games better.. I challenge you!!Until next time.. Tip Your waiter.. And the Veal isn't veal...