Saturday, October 3, 2015

NFL Pick Em's Part 2

You  gave me the World Title,And said Tag Team Championship...DRRR..
Well I'm sure you loved that pick from Thursday night, Don't blame the guy who is NOT out there being paid to kick, Just sayin..

New York(Andre's 1-2) At Buffalo(2-1)                                  1:00 PM FOX

I have no idea where to start? Manning has 1, Maybe 2 guys to throw to..OK, Scratch that, He has another 11 if he counts the defense..

Then you have the Bills, A Rex Ryan team at 2-1? What the hell... Is this 2009? Don't worry Bills fans,He;ll make you feel like a Jet soon.
                                                                                                         Final Score, Andre's 24- Bills 21.

Cleveland (1-2) At San Diego(1-2) 4:05 PM CBS

Here's a tale of 2 teams, Both have the same record,1 Team has had flashes of success, The other, Is San Diego..
Say what you want about the Browns(And I do),At least they have actually won a title before.. Sure it's been awhile..But a win is a win!

Johnny football will be under center by the start of the fourth quarter..
 Final Score, Cleveland Show 18- Whales Vaginas 13.

Green Bay(3-0) At San Francisco(1-2) 4:25 PM FOX

I was originally just going to say eh, This is no contest . But The 49'ers  played decent at home..Sure it was against the Vikings, But still looked decent..  Final Score Acme Packing 44- Gold Diggers 24.

Dallas(2-1) At New Orleans (0-3) 8:30 PM NBC

Let's just cut to the chase, This will be the Drew Brees welcome back game..And everyone knows, A healthy Brees is a good Brees.. Plus, It's not Brandon Weedon When your leading receiver is Lance Dunbar.. You know where I'm going with this.

Final Score, Jerry's Boys 21- Who Dat's 44.

And there you have it folks, Yet another week of not thought out, Non scientific football picks.. If you bet on them, You deserve to lose.. Until next time.. This is Johnny Olsen..

Thursday, October 1, 2015

NFL Pick Em's Week 4 Part 1

I have A head owie... Oh..My knee hurts like fuck also
Welcome back my friends to the blog that never ends(At least through football season), I want to explain the title before we go much further.. Since it's only the Steelers playing tonight, I am going to make that pick, The rest will be done ready before Sunday!!

This fucker over here...

 Baltimore(0-3) At Pittsburgh(2-1)

Ahh the rivalry continues. And just as it seems it's been for a bunch of these games, Large Ben will miss the fun.

Mike Vick will be under center for this game,
You know what folks, If you want details, Bar graphs telling you how much either team rushes the ball, You are not going to get that here, You're going to get How much Baltimore sucks, How disease ridden the town is.. How they burn down stores in their own neighborhoods.. Yes, In general, These fuckers just down right suck!!

                                          Here'e what matters, Final Score, Never Mores 18-Large Ben-Less 31.

So there you have it folks, You knew I was going to pick the Steelers, But you stayed for the floor show!! Until next time, Click it or ticket..

Thursday, September 24, 2015

NFL Pick Ems Week 3

                                  Welcome back my friends!! I want to apologize for the shortness of this post. I have just got the new computer online, And haven't had a chance to get my old hard drive out of the other computer.So this week no pictures.. Just picks. Hopefully I can get things worked out before next week!!

                                           Washington(1-1) At New York(Andre's 0-2) 8:25 PM NFL, CBS

                                      Wow The Andre's have sucked out loud AND in color!! But Maybe, Just maybe this is the week they get things back together, Jason Pierre Paul wishes he could get his fingers back!! OK, Who am I kidding.. Final score, Washington Football Team ,28-Andre's 16.

                                        Oakland At Cleveland
                                              Raiders 17, Brownies 18.

                                                  Steelers At Rams
                                 Welcome Back Leveon Bell... Final .. Large Ben;s 41- Goats 24.

                                                      Kansas City At Green Bay

                                                    Chefs 21- Discount Double Checkers 36.
                                                    Atlanta At Dallas

                                                  Falcons 31-Broke Backs 24.

                                                   there you go my friends, To the loyal 2 that read this every week.. thank you.. Just remember, These picks are for amusement only!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

NFL Picke Ems Week 2

OK, Things may not have gone as well as one would like last week... Going 1-3 was not what was planned.. But Fear not my friends..There's always another week.. And that's where we start!!

Just a man and his beam
 San Francisco(1-0) At Pittsburgh (0-1) 1:00 PM  FOX

Hopefully the Steelers actually show up the first half this week, Plus cover the tight end(He's no Gronk, But he's ok..)

Then there is that Hyde Fellow..If he gets any kind of holes like he had  against the Vikings, The Steelers Defense is in for a very long day..

But all is not dark and gloomy, Large Ben had a pretty good game against the Patriots( Sure a bunch was garbage yards) But No Bryant, No huge problem..

It's a home game, So that may help a bit..
 Who Knows..I'm not getting paid for this.. Final Score,, Mighty McBeams 31- Old Prospectors 24..
Dallas(1-0) At Philadelphia (0-1) 4:25 pm Fox

Talk about a tale of 2 different teams.. Dallas wins late thanks to the bonehead play of 1 Eli Manning.(More on that next pick) And Philly.. Oh you not so lovable losers, You hold Atlanta in the second half, Only to throw the game away!! Oh well.. Maybe this week?

Final Score,Jerry's Boys 21-  Green Birds 34.

Nothing here to see.. Just 3 happy guys!

     Atlanta (1-0) At New York(Andres..0-1)
 1:00 PM Fox

Maybe it's the curse of the Andre's,But just as I started to talk about them.. My computer died.
 Now It's 40 minutes till kickoff, And I still have to give you the picks of the week.. so.. This will be JUST score from here on out.. I will try and do more on the next pick em's.

Final Score, Look Ma, I'm a Falcon  21 Andre's 27

                                                                                        Tennessee At Cleveland 1:00  PM
                                                                                              Oh no you don't Browns.. You do not sucker me in again this week.. Plus you're playing a much better team,Well at least on paper.. Final Score, Titans(Yes I know, What the fuck is a Titan?) 36- Cleveland Show 13.

                                                                                            Seattle At Green Bay 8:30 Or so.
Let's be honest here, Full disclosure,I have Lynch in 1 league, Wilson in another.. STILL not saying they will do anything  incredible.. It's AT Green Bay!! Final Score,,Green Hawks  24 Packers 38

And there you have a some what truncated edition of pickem's.. Until next week.. Buy Bonds... Not Barry...

Thursday, September 10, 2015

NFL Pick Em's Week 1

Where are those Dunkin Donuts?
Welcome back my friends, Thank god Football is back!!

Everyone has a hobby, Mine is picking  scores for NFL games.. Hey we all have to do something..

Pittsburgh At New England 8:30 PM NBC

Season opener on prime time, Tom Brady back for Pats, Well he never left.. As always, The Patriots do no wrong, And no suspension .. Could be worse..Could be the guy on the left!!

Here's the 1 thing you need to know about tonight's game, They will show all the homers in the stands, They will show Gronk and Brady 499 times..

                                                                                   Show those things all you want.. Watch the replays of Large Ben to Antonio over and over!!! Final Score, Mighty McBeams 34- Belicheats 25.

                                                                                Green Bay At Chicago  1:00 PM FOX
                                                                              Today's lesson children, Go ahead and tell the Packers
They don't stand a chance, They are banged up, They may as well write off the season... No so fast .. It's only the season opener, All Green Bay does is find the next man in line.. That's what will happen again.
                                                                                   Final Score, Acme Packers 31- Sad Cutlers 14.

Cleveland At New York (Jets) 1:00PM  CBS

There's always 1 of these games.. And sadly CBS gets to show it..I honestly this is a steaming pile of shit on a otherwise exciting day!!

Final Score, Cleveland Steamers 12- Green Planes 10.. Yeah a thrill a minute here folks!!

New York (Andres)

                                                                                                     At   Dallas 8:30 PM Sun


Just like Forrest Gump always said, Life is like a box of chocolates, You never know what you're going to get.. And boy he must have had Cowboys/Giants in mind.

The best part of this game will be the interception festival put on .. By both teams!!

Don't make plans for anything early Monday, The game may still be going on..
Final Score, Andre's 47- BrokeBacks 46...

And there you have it folks,The start of another season!! Just remember, These picks are for entertainment purposes only. Not like you'll win any money on them... Until next time.. Paper or plastic?

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Getting To Know Your 2015 Pick Em Teams

Even I could do better picks then him... And I'm senile..

Holy hell.. It's already that time of the year, It's fall(Sort of).. Kids are back in school... And football..Sweet Sweet football is back!!

To those who have never read this little blog before,A)Where the fuck have you been?
B)This is not your digging into stats, Going over every detail of a game with a fine tooth comb..No my friends, It's just brutal honesty about the team I pick every week..

Pittsburgh Steelers.
Nick names, Stillers, Mighty McBeams,

99% Of the time, I'll pick them over anyone else.But that's because I'm a homer..Nothing wrong with admitting it..You only have that 1 team you really, Really put your heart in, Well most people do...

Look for comments on any picture to the left, Most will be dealing with Steeley McBeam being gay(Not that there's anything wrong with that!!)
I give this paperclip to the Million Dollar Man !

New York  Giants

Commonly known as, Andre's, New York Football Andre's..

This is a team I actually enjoy having on the pick em's.. Eli Manning and his 4 interception games makes this even more fun!!
Always room to bust on the Andre's .. And now that Jason Pierre Paul has blown a finger off playing with fireworks, This gets even better!

Dallas Cowboys

Also known as, Jerry's Team, Brokebacks, And new this year, The Falling Romo's,. Dallas chapter..

When you have been doing pick em's for over 5 years, You learn how much you can hate certain teams, This is 1 of them, If they were not so dysfunctional,It would be comical..,Every week brings more joy..

                   Green Bay Packers
                    Not going to lie, I actually kind of like them, If it was not for the Mighty McBeams, This would be my #1 team..

Nick names, Acme Packers,Meat cutters,And I'm sure I'll make a few others up along the way..

With Johnny football on board, What could go wrong?
Cleveland Browns

Normally used names, Cleveland show,Brownies.

If this team did not just suck out loud, And in color, It just would not be the same!!! Hoping they continue to suck,And blow for the immediate future..

                                                                              And there you have it folks, The ride is about to start.. Keep your arms inside the car, And enjoy!!


Sunday, August 2, 2015

This And That August 2015

Well..I told you I was going to try and do more on this little blog,And I am going to try and keep my promise..And be warned,This is not going to be a sweet cute post..

When the hell did people lose their ever loving minds? I mean more then normal.. Just in the Hagerstown area 3 children have been murdered,They should honestly have  a test before you have sex.. If you can not use ANY judgement what so ever.. And you do not understand simple things to avoid injuring a child,You should be sterilized!! And single parents, How about doing a little bit of checking into your new man.. Oh he seems nice.. But has he done unspeakable things to animals or humans? Well this may be a red flag saying...RUN.....NOW!!!

                  Black lives matter??..
              Excuse me for a moment while i speak slowly,And I won't even use big words..But when the hell did just. Black lives start to matter ? I always thought ALL lives mattered.Look, I'm not a scholar..But have been known from time to time to have some decent opinions.
                When 1 race or group decides that they matter over others,That's when the problems start.Maybe..Just maybe..If you stopped finding ways to get into a situation..There may be less problems..And this goes for anyone,Black..White,Intergalactic Aliens..You go looking for problems,Nothing good can happen...

                      Donald Trump A Contender?
             I was expecting his announcement earlier then this,Just because if Trump. is not being talked about,He isn't happy.. If anyone thinks he is a serious contender,I would like to offer you glasses that are Not rose colored.He will be out of it by the 2nd debate..

                                                  Fantasy Football is almost here!!
1 week from, I'll be home from a very long day, It's the traditional  weekend for our fantasy football league, And great times will be had.. I may ,Or may not..Depending on feedback, Have a weekly roundup .If by chance you are wanting to try Fantasy sports, Please contact me,We always need a couple teams for our Yahoo league..And it's a way to learn the sport even more,Plus it is a great time(If you win lol) .

 Well look at the ol clock on the wall..(Yours may be different),That's it for now.. Peace,Love,And Cheese Fries....