Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

It's the start of the holiday season, Some would say that started on Halloween, Those people need  counseling!!
Wherever you are, Who ever you are with, We hope you have the greatest of Holiday seasons!!

We are all Thankful for various things, I am very thankful to live in a country,Where I can write this little blog, Without fear..
I am thankful for family, Near and far, No matter how far the distance, The 1 thing remains is the love we all share!

Thankful for incredible friends, Some new, Some I have known almost my entire life..There are friends with such an unbreakable bond,
That even though we don't talk every day.. And there could be times where we don't talk for an extended period..No matter the amount of time, We can start a conversation,And act like we talked yesterday!!
I love my friends, And hopefully they know I would do anything I could to help them when they are down!!

As much as I complain about my job, And I do... I am thankful I have a job, Few years ago I couldn't get a job, No matter how hard I tried.. So I am very happy coming up on 5 years there!!

And finally, I am thankful for you.. Yes you, My loyal 3 or 4 readers...You are friends just as much as someone who reads this...Hell only real friends would read this LOL...

Here's to sharing the season with the ones you love.. Until next time, As you watch the traditional video from WKRP,Be safe,And  gizzards are not what you think they are!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

NFL Pick Em's Week 12

Welcome back for yet another fun filled week of NFL football picks.. You can not get any picks fresher then these!! We just picked these,And you gonna love them!!
L A Chargers(4-6) At Dallas (5-5)
Thanksgiving Day 4:30 PM  CBS

Chargers have won the last 3 meetings,And Dallas is ..Well Dallas..

Final Score, Bolts 34- Dolts 24.

New York(Andre's)(2-8)At Washington (4-6)

Thanksgiving Night 8:30PM NBC

Let's be honest here, Does anyone care about this game? Only reason I'll pay limited attention is Vernon Davis is on  my fantasy team!!

Final Score,
Andre's 21-Racially insensitive team name 20.

Cleveland(0-10) At Cincinnati(4-6)

Sunday 1:00 PM CBS

Hey look, Now here's a really shitty game.. Place bets on when a Bengals player gets ejected!!

Final Score, Bungles 24- Cleveland Show 14.

Green Bay(5-5) At Pittsburgh(8-2)

NBC 8:30PM

If I had to choose a game for the Steelers to lose the rest of the way, It would not be this one!!! This is sort of pay back for that little Super Bowl loss a couple years ago.. And Yes, I know Rodgers won't be under center, But  A victory would still be nice..

Final Score, Acme 24- Mighty Large Ben's 34.

And there you have it folks, Yet another week chock full of picks.. Here's hoping you have a great Thanksgiving!! Until next time,I swear, As God is my witness, I thought turkey's could fly!!!


Saturday, November 18, 2017

NFL Pick Em's Week 11 Sort Of Part 2

Welcome back yet again friends, Just for the record about Thursday.... I told you so!!!

Let's get right to the picks, Because that's what you showed up for right?

Jacksonville (6-3)At Cleveland (0-9)

1:00 PM CBS

I was going tol say this could be a game the Browns have a shot at.. But then I woke up from my dream....

Final Score, Super Kittens 42- Factory of sadness 18.

Baltimore(4-5) At Green Bay(5-4)

1:00 PM CBS

If you've been around long enough, You know the rules.. Always Bet Against Baltimore!!

Final Score, Convicts 21- Pack 34.

Kansas City(6-3)At New York(Andre's)(1-8)

1:00 PM CBS

Remember what I said about that Browns game? Well.... The Andre's don't just suck, They blow..

Final Score, Chefs 31- Andre's 14.

Philadelphia (8-1) At Dallas (5-4)

8:30 PM NBC

Dallas is 3 games back in the standings, With 7 weeks to go.. Do you think they can win the next 5 games without Zeke?Yeah, I thought so...

Final Score, Green Birds 44- Broke Backs 24.

And there you have it folks,Yet another week of fun and laughter..Until next time.. Tip your server!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

NFL Pick Em's Week 11 ..Sort Of

Yes,I know it's almost game time And of course I knew the Steelers were playing tonight...I hate Thursday Night Football..
Short and sweet,Going to be a beat down in the City of Champions tonight!
Final Score ,Large Ben's 34,
Tennessee Tuxedos 21
And that's a wrap for now..Sunday brings us more football.. Until next time.. If you can't beat them, Set them on fire...

Saturday, November 11, 2017

NFL Pick Em's Week 10

Welcome back for yet another week of fun and laughter.. Even though they were off last week, The Browns STILL managed to screw something up... Our old buddy Shawn details thew entire story here  
I am not shocked at all...

Let's see who they fall victim to this week!
Cleveland(0-8)At Detroit(4-4)|
1:00 PM CBS

On paper, This looks like it could be an interesting game.. Then you remember the Browns are playing..

Final Score, Brownie's 21- Blue Cats 44.

Green Bay(4-4) At Chicago(3-5)
1:00 PM FOX

The Packers season DVD will probably be titled "A broken season"
Since Rodgers was injured, This team has just plodded along, Looking like a totally different team that started the season with promise.

Going to be a long road till the season is over..
Final Score Acme 24- Da Bears 28.

Pittsburgh(6-2) At Indianapolis(3-6)
1:00 PM CBS

The only thing that scares me about this game? Steelers are getting a ton of press right now, And normally that's a good thing,. But for some odd reason(Mike Tomlin)They fall flat in games they should bow out an opponent..
Final Score, Mighty McBeams 34- No Luckers 35.

New York(Andre's)(1-7) At San Fransisco(0-9)
 4:25 PM FOX

This is the unwatchable game of the week folks! hopefully 1 of them can actually pull a victory off...


Final Score, Andre's 18- Prospectors 18...

Dallas(5-3) At Atlanta(4-4)

4:25 PM FOX

Cowboys playing without Zeke this week, I'm sure they'll be fine... After all, This is a week they face Matt Ryan.. A bunch of int's in this game..

Final Score, Jerry's Boys 23- Falcons 18.

And there you have it, Yet another week of fun filled pro football picks.. Until next week, You kiss your mother with that mouth? No But I'll kiss yours!!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

NFL Pick Em's Week 9

This is how we spent our bye week!
Yes my friends, It's that special time of the week.. That's right, It's Saturday .. Oh, It's also time for Pick Em's..

Rather short version this week.. But I'm sure you will be fine... Honestly......

 Los Angeles(5-2)At New York(Andre's)(1-6)

1:00 PM FOX

Let's be honest here.. You and I both know what is going to happen...

Final Score, Goats 24- Andre's 31.. I just threw a curve ball.

 Kansas City(6-2) At Dallas(4-3|)

4:25 PM CBS

The Chiefs have dropped 2 in a row, The Cowboys are winning..In court...

Final Score, Chefs, 34- Jerry's Boys 21.

Detroit(3-4) At Green Bay(4-3)

Monday 8:30 PM

The Packers had an old friend back in the building this week, Aaron Rodgers Was back at the team headquarters, Working with Brett Hundley.. That could be bad news for  the Lions..
Final Score, Blue Cats 25- Acme 34...

And there you have it, Yet another fun filled week of somewhat thought out football picks...
Until next time... Get that finger out of your ear.. You don't know where it's been!!!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

NFL Pick Em's Week 8

Welcome back for yet another week of fun and picks.. I want to thank my loyal 3 or 4 readers, Who last month pushed our little blog over 25,000 visits!!!

I have been doing the blog for so long, And I always say I am going to do more, Hopefully very soon!

But you didn't come here for that... No you showed up for these.....,

Minnesota(5-2) At Cleveland(0-7) 

Game played in London 9:30 AM NFL Network

You are a huge fan if you're waking up to watch this complete shit show..

Final Score, Vikings 24- Browns 14..

Dallas(3-3))At Washington(3-3)
4:25 PM FOX

Both teams are 3-3? Sweet Jeebus they suck..

Final Score,
Broke Backs 24- Insensitive team name ,28.

Pittsburgh(5-2) At Detroit(3-3)
8:25 PM NBC

I always say these are the kind of games Pittsburgh just plays flat in.. A team who really shouldn't keep up with them, And the next thing you know...

Final Score, Large Bens 24- Blue Tigers 28

And there you have yet another weeks worth of nowhere close to being thought out pro football
type picks..Until next time...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

It's the start of the holiday season, Some would say that started on Halloween, Those people need  counseling!! Wherever you are, Who...