Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Few Words About.

I wanted to do something different today,Usually it's just me making jokes about this and that.
Today,I'd like to be honest .Open.
 Far too many times over the last few years we have seen more,And more school shootings in this country. Let's be honest,More then 1 is too many!! . And you're going to have you're gun owners who say it's the society we live in,And the non gun owners who blame fire arms. Want to know a secret, They are both right..

Before I get to that, I am sick and tired of.. Thoughts and prayers...Are thoughts and prayers bringing victims back? Are thoughts and prayers stopping this! The answer to both is a resounding no!!

As well intended(by some) As they are,The very last thing a victim would probably not want to hear are those words..
The gun lobby would make you believe that these acts of violence are all by sick people.. And that is partly correct.. You still need a gun if you are going to do this..

Explain how in the hell can a 19 year old buy a AR15 Style gun,And can not legally buy a hand gun until they are 21??? This is just beyond bizzare.. A   weapon that can cause such damage and carnage can be purchased....But a hand gun,Which has less rounds of ammunition, Can not... There is a serious problem here..

The NRA,And all the "Right to bear arms crowd will tell you  that guns don't kill people. People do... Well last time I checked, There wasn't anyone firing people in mass shootings...

As for the society side., Yes,This generation had greatly changed,For the most part...
People are talking about gun racks on trucks.. Well when I was in school, We didn't have AR15's in those racks,They had shot guns.. And those guns were " usually " owned by an individual who knew how yo carry a weapon.. Safely....

But the point it seems is being overlooked is the level of violence is not just 18 year olds .. The Las Vegas shooter was older then 18..

It's all about mental capacity...And this is where I'm sure I'll hear about it... I believe if you have to  get  a drivers license renamed every 4 years... Maybe we start doing more in depth background checks for a gun permit, And a renewal of said permits.. Mental health checks, Stronger criminal background. If you used a weapon to injure someone, Gun,Baseball bat,Hockey stick,Whatever... You don't get a renewal..

It's not the cure all end  all, But if we can save a few lives.. Maybe it's time.. Stop saying you have our prayers, And say we WILL do something...

That's just my opinion.... May be a rant, May be preachy.. But that's another amendment you can toss around...

Sunday, December 31, 2017

NFL Pick Em's Week 17

Yes, Last week we had a few "Glitches", Hopefully that will be end of that for the near future!!

Going to be a short and sweet set of picks, Hopefully everything is back to normal next week..

Washington Football Team(7-8) 
At New York(Andre's) (2-13)   1:00PM FOX

Is anyone watching this game? Ugh..

Final Score, Washington,34- Andre's 12.

Green Bay(7-8)At Detroit(8-7)  1:00 PM FOX

No Rodgers... Meh..
Final Score , Acme 24- Blue Cats 32.

Cleveland(0-15) At Pittsburgh(12-3)
 1:00 PM CBS

As you can tell by the picture on the  right,Landry Jones is starting today...
I guess Mike Tomlin listened to Tony Dungy  a few weeks ago... No main starters playing..

Final Score,
 Cleveland Show 14- Mighty McBeams 24.

Get that parade started Cleveland
Dallas(8-7)At Philadelphia(13-2)
1:00 PM FOX

Final Score, Brokebacks 31- Green Birds 14..

                                                                                      And there you have it  folks, Yet another week of nowhere near thought out, Nor planned pro football picks...

                                                                               Until next time.. See you next year!!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

NFL Pick Em's Week 15

Welcome back for another week of NFL picks,I'm your host,Wink Martindale..

This is going to be a very short pick em's today.. Computer problems at our world headquarters has given me no other choice then to use my phone to get those picks you could do without !!Just going to do our normal teams,But just each team,Win or loss.
                   Pittsburgh .Win 34-32
                    Green Bay. Win 42- 16.
                      Cleveland.. Lose 39- 16
                       Dallas Win  26- 24
                       Andre's Lose 44- 13..
                   And there you have it,Yet another week of no fun and games..Until next time,Take the last train to funky town!!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

NFL Pick Em's Week 14

Welcome back friends, This week we are giving the spot light picture on the left to Steelers LB Ryan Shazier,
 If you've been living under a rock the last few days, Shazier was injured on a play during the Steelers win against the Bengals..

Watching the play live, I just thought he twisted his back,And he'd be fine.. But as time went on, And the cart was called out,
 Things weren't well..He was choppered back to Pittsburgh Wednesday, Where he underwent spinal stabilization surgery. The Steelers have not released much info since then..Ryan is in our thoughts and prayers..

We move on to week 14, Where playoff seeding start to take shape..

Green Bay(6-6)At Cleveland(0-12)
1:00 PM FOX

This could be the week, This could be the week the non winning streak ends.. Who am I kidding..
Final Score, Packers 34- Brownies 14.

Dallas(6-6) At New York(Andre's) (2-10)
1:00 PM FOX

The Geno Smith era ended after 1 game.. So did Head Coach Ben McAdoo.. If you can't win without Eli, Can you win with him? NO!!

Final Score, Andre's 18- Brokebacks 24.

Baltimore(7-5)At Pittsburgh(10-2)
Sunday Night 8:30 PM  NBC

It's Ravens /Steelers week, But with Shazier's injury, The trash talk is way down.. Baltimore still sucks..Have to say, I would hate to be Baltimore... Roosevelt Nix and another player are trying to get the Steelers to make a Ryan Shazier "Renegade"video... And if they do that.. It is going to be nuts at Heinz Field!!!!

Final Score, Rat Birds 18- Mighty Shaziers 42.

And there you have it folks, Yet another week of somewhat thought out football picks...

Saturday, December 2, 2017

NFL Pick Em's Week 13

Welcome back again friends.. Yet another week of fun and games begins now..

See this guy on the left? Guess you won't have him around to blame for every loss now!

Your answer is Geno Smith??? HA!!!

Tampa Bay(4-7) At Green Bay(5-6)
1:00 PM FOX

If you watched the Sunday Night game last week,And watched Green Bay put up 28 on the Steelers(With some ease)You have to wonder , A)Are the Packers starting to wake up?
B)Did the Steelers just not play like a 2 touchdown favorite?

I'm going to say a little from line A,And a little from line B....
Final Score, Pewter Pirates 24   Packers 34.

Cleveland(0-11) At LA Chargers(5-6)
 4:05 PM CBS

Couple interesting stories out of Cleveland this week, Fans are setting up for a parade if the Browns go 0-16...Plenty of good seats along the route I'm sure...

Josh Gordon makes his debut? After a almost 3 year suspension...Sadly he becomes the best player on the Browns by miles...

Final Score,Cleveland Show 18- Bolts 20.

New York(Andre's)(2-9) At Oakland(5-6)

4:25 PM FOX

If you think Geno Smith is the answer to all your ills New York, I have a bridge You may want.. Oh wait...It's already there...

Final Score,Eli-Less Andre's 12- Oakland 38.

Pittsburgh(9-2) At Cincinnati (5-6)
Monday Night 8:30 ESPN

Boys and Girls, This is what we call a trap game.. If you thought last week was close, Hold on tight..
I can only hope Pittsburgh worked on covering the deep threat , If not, AJ Green will be hitting pay dirt all night...In the end, It's still Cincinnati, And we all know they love them some screw ups!!

Final Score, Mighty McBeams 34- Bungles 18.

And there you have it folks, Yet another fun filled batch of football picks.. Until next time,Do not take legal advice from your local barber....

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

It's the start of the holiday season, Some would say that started on Halloween, Those people need  counseling!!
Wherever you are, Who ever you are with, We hope you have the greatest of Holiday seasons!!

We are all Thankful for various things, I am very thankful to live in a country,Where I can write this little blog, Without fear..
I am thankful for family, Near and far, No matter how far the distance, The 1 thing remains is the love we all share!

Thankful for incredible friends, Some new, Some I have known almost my entire life..There are friends with such an unbreakable bond,
That even though we don't talk every day.. And there could be times where we don't talk for an extended period..No matter the amount of time, We can start a conversation,And act like we talked yesterday!!
I love my friends, And hopefully they know I would do anything I could to help them when they are down!!

As much as I complain about my job, And I do... I am thankful I have a job, Few years ago I couldn't get a job, No matter how hard I tried.. So I am very happy coming up on 5 years there!!

And finally, I am thankful for you.. Yes you, My loyal 3 or 4 readers...You are friends just as much as someone who reads this...Hell only real friends would read this LOL...

Here's to sharing the season with the ones you love.. Until next time, As you watch the traditional video from WKRP,Be safe,And  gizzards are not what you think they are!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

NFL Pick Em's Week 12

Welcome back for yet another fun filled week of NFL football picks.. You can not get any picks fresher then these!! We just picked these,And you gonna love them!!
L A Chargers(4-6) At Dallas (5-5)
Thanksgiving Day 4:30 PM  CBS

Chargers have won the last 3 meetings,And Dallas is ..Well Dallas..

Final Score, Bolts 34- Dolts 24.

New York(Andre's)(2-8)At Washington (4-6)

Thanksgiving Night 8:30PM NBC

Let's be honest here, Does anyone care about this game? Only reason I'll pay limited attention is Vernon Davis is on  my fantasy team!!

Final Score,
Andre's 21-Racially insensitive team name 20.

Cleveland(0-10) At Cincinnati(4-6)

Sunday 1:00 PM CBS

Hey look, Now here's a really shitty game.. Place bets on when a Bengals player gets ejected!!

Final Score, Bungles 24- Cleveland Show 14.

Green Bay(5-5) At Pittsburgh(8-2)

NBC 8:30PM

If I had to choose a game for the Steelers to lose the rest of the way, It would not be this one!!! This is sort of pay back for that little Super Bowl loss a couple years ago.. And Yes, I know Rodgers won't be under center, But  A victory would still be nice..

Final Score, Acme 24- Mighty Large Ben's 34.

And there you have it folks, Yet another week chock full of picks.. Here's hoping you have a great Thanksgiving!! Until next time,I swear, As God is my witness, I thought turkey's could fly!!!


A Few Words About.

I wanted to do something different today,Usually it's just me making jokes about this and that. Today,I'd like to be honest .Open...