Friday, March 22, 2019


My brother passed away 12 days ago. . Although it was something I knew would come eventually, The news was still rather shocking. .
  George was an awesome brother,And I'm not just saying this because everyone always eulegizes X person as amazing or awesome when they are gone. . George was simply my brother. . I always joked about him being my much older brother,But he was only about 8 years older..  Not like he was Methuselah or anything!

 I can honestly say growing up with him was an adventure. .His records were the first influence to music and comedy to a young kid..  Possibly too young for Cheech and Chongs wedding album!  But it's in my younger years where I picked up my love of classic rock (to be fair, it wasn't classic yet) .

 He taught me how to ride a bike. .Sure it wasn't your typical hold on to the bike as they ride away, Mine was.. 2 buildings ..go between said buildings and you'll be fine..  A practice I wouldn't recommend to others!But I did make it OK... My father was older when I was born, Between that, And his work, I didn't have the prototypical father teaching son to do this or that .

George.. Willingly or not, Helped me through a lot of things as a younger kid.. And I wish I  could have told him this before it was too late. .
  George was a father ,And friend.. I used to pick on him for buying this car for me. .1 which I drove a total of 2 times! But I know why he bought me that car. .He wanted me to have the cool car. .And even though it was a mess.. I never got angry at him for getting it..  I joked about it, But I knew he was doing his best !
  His family gathered together last week to say our goodbyes.  It was the way George would have wanted it, Few tears. .But more laughs as stories were exchanged.. George used to pick on me about crying at his first wedding.. Told him I thought I was losing my brother..  You'll never be gone from my heart..  I'll love you forever ,And I'll cherish every memory we have!! 

Monday, December 31, 2018


If you would have told me after the Steelers win over Jacksonville that they would lose 5 of their final 6 games,I would have thought you needed a mental health check ! 
                          But after losses to Oakland, Denver, New Orleans, And the most painful loss against the Chargers..  At home.. This team "built for championships" has now won 3...Yes playoff games in 8 years.  Oh sure they've won the AFC North ,But it's like that t shirt.. I Won the AFC north, And All I got is this crappy T-shirt..
             In a season that saw the best game the Steelers played in years knocking the Patriots off the things to do list, They went to Denver and Laid a huge enough egg to make a few Denver Omelets..
      People blaming the officials for losses. ...
Yes, They sure didn't help.  But at the end of the day, Good teams complain about calls..
Championship teams rise above it, And win!! 
  Watching last nights game, I had to tell myself that a win is a win..  But that game shouldn't have been decided late in the 4th quarter.
               Teams like The Bengals should not be taken lightly, That being said, There's no excuse to let that team come into YOUR  house and play that close!
  The only game they dominated was the game against the Panthers  A team that had issues heading into the game. .
      The most surreal thing I've ever seen was after the Steelers game, The players stayed on the field, A good 2/3 of the fans stayed.. Watching the Browns/Ravens game on the jumbotron... Listening to the Steelers radio crew call THAT game.. 
      At the moment Mayfield threw the pick.  You could see the joy leave the Stadium. And that's the feeling that has been with this team the last 7 weeks.. From the highest highs, To the feeling of ... I can't put a single word for it. . Depression, Consolation, Anger..  I'm sure there are more, The point is, Championship teams find resolve after a rough time..  Average teams SAY  they're going to play with emotion.  I'd rather have a team full of guys who show results, Then a team making good sound bites...

 The bottom line is this..  Le'Veon Bell is not going to be a distraction next season, Hopefully that mess is cleaned up before the draft.  The Steelers have 2 young running backs who will create headaches for opposing teams for the considerable future.
 They have a trio(at least) of wide receivers who are top 5 or 10 in the league..
  A defense that is a few players short of being a top 5 defense overall. .
 And a quarterback who...  Ben is Ben..  His stats are amazing. But sometimes taking chances burns you.. 17 interceptions,A stat that jumps out and screams less risky throws!

 Next season will bring hope and optimism. . The question is, Will the Steelers just be OK.. Or finally jump to a Championship level?  Guess we'll all find out together..

Sunday, December 30, 2018

NFL Pick Em's Week 17

Well... The Steelers have placed themselves in a position of do or die today.. It was rather simple. 
Go at least  3-2 the final 5 games, And you'd probably be in control of your own destiny.But The Steelers decided to go 1-4!!! So.. The ONLY real way to get in the playoffs... Is help from a  rival..

Cleveland(7-7-1) At Baltimore(9-6)

4:25 PM CBS

So, This is the game of the week, At least for Steelers Nation.. Quite honestly, This game has such a huge playoff feeling, Baltimore wins, And they are the AFC North Champions. 

Cleveland wins, They have a winning record for the first time since A Bush was in  the White House!!!

And also the Steelers would be AFC North Champs!!

Final Score, Browns 24- Baltimore...21...

Cincinnati(6-9) At Pittsburgh(8-7-1)
      4:25 PM CBS

  This is it.. You JUST have to win and need help.. 
And hopefully you won't be score board watching as you're playing the Bungles..

Mike Tomlin  better have the Steelers playing like a crazed bunch of animals today!!!
Once you get a lead.. Don't let up.. Keeps the foot on the throat,And jam the ball down their throats!!

Final Score, Bungles 14- Large Bens 34.


Detroit (5-10) At Green Bay(6-8-1)

1:00 PM FOX

Final Score, Blue Cats 21- Acme 42.


Dallas(9-6) At New York(Andre's)(5-10)

1:00 PM  FOX

Broke Backs 14- Andre's 12.


And there you have it.. Yet another season of nowhere near thought out, Never scientific, Pro football picks.  Until next time.. Can you tell me how to get, How to get to Sesame Street? ...


Sunday, December 23, 2018

NFL Pick Em's Week 16

Welcome back to yet another fun filled pack of picks!So I kind of picked against the Steelers last week.. How was I to know they would have 1 of their best games of the season! 
                     Baltimore's win last night puts the AFC north in a tie, Going into today's game. . So, How about we do some picking?.
Cincinnati (6-8)At Cleveland(6-7-1)
           1:00 PM CBS
It's bad when you don't like either team, But have to decide a winner..  We're Sophie's choicing the hell out this 1.. Final Score
Bungles 18 Brownies 21.
Tampa Bay (5-9) At Dallas (8-6)
             1:00 PM FOX.
 If history has taught us anything,Its that the Cowboys play good in December .
  But is it too little too late? Are the Eagles making a comeback?
 Who cares. It's the NFC  least!
              Final Score ,Bucs 24- Broke Backs 18
Green Bay(6-8-1)
   At New York (Jets) (4-10)
            1:00 PM FOX
It's been a down year for the Packers, And I'm thinking they won't be spreading Holiday cheer today!
   Final Score,Double Checkers 38- Planes 24.
New York(Andre's(5-9)
         At Indianapolis(8-6)
        1:00 PM CBS

Let's make this short and sweet shall we..
         Final Score, Andre's 24- Ponies 21.
New Orleans (12-2)
  4:25 PM CBS.
The Steelers hold a. 07% lead in the AFC North .. Now I know what you're thinking. I'm just going to pick them and be done.. . You my friend, Are absolutely correct.. Final Score,
Mighty McBeams 31- Who's A What's  its 24..
   And there you have it.  Yet another week of picks that'll just make you smile. . Until next time..  Merry Christmas to all, And to all a good night.. .I SAID GOOD NIGHT!!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

NFL Pick Em's Week 15, Part 2

Welcome back for the 2nd part of your picks for week 15!

Lots of crazy games  to get to, So let's get this under way shall we?


 Green Bay(5-7-1) At Chicago(9-4)

1:00 PM FOX

How long has it been since the Pack had a worse record then the Bears?

Final Score, Acme 31- Bears 28.


Dallas(8-5) At Indianapolis(7-6)

1:00 PM FOX

Where the hell did these guys come from? Both teams looked like ass first 3 or so weeks.
 Then just started beating everyone.. Well someone has to lose today.

Final Score, Broke Backs 28-
Blue Horse shoes 28.. Maybe they both can chalk it up as a win!!


Tennessee(7-6) At New York(Andre's) (5-8)

                       1:00 PM CBS

Who the hell slapped Eli around a few weeks ago? Because somehow, he has them back at a shot for the playoffs..

But it's the Giants......

Final Score, Titans 24- Andre's 21..


New England(9-4) At Pittsburgh(7-5-1)

4:25 PM CBS

As a Steeler fan, I can not take games like the last weeks.. Last minute,Everything on the line...
And hmmm.. Guess who has been behind at least 2 of the 3 games.. Artie Fucking Burns..Living up to his name .. Burns.. He is the new toast! So what do you do? You promote him??!!!!

                                              And now word is coming out that Ben has a cracked rib.. THIS will be the excuse used if they lose.. And he'll be heroic if they win...
                                                          Final Score, Air Tom's 31- Large Ben's 24.
Last minute touchdown, Gronk catches, Covered by Burns!!!

                     And there you have it folks.. A complete week of nowhere near thought out, No way on hell scientific football picks.. Until Next Time, Stay tuned for a word from your local station!!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

NFL Pick Em's Week 15, Part 1

Yes, It's that time of year folks.. Saturday games take over for Monster Truck shows to actually give you something to watch

I know I've said I am not a fan of Saturday games.. That's until the afternoon game on!

Bring on more football!!


Cleveland(5-7-1) At Denver(6-7)

8:20 PM NFL Network

Ladies and Gentlemen, It's week 15.. And the Browns are in the playoff hunt...

Let me say that again...

The Browns are still in the playoff hunt!!!???

All they have to do is beat the Broncos tonight,

Then win the last 3 games.. And possibly some help..

It's end of days.. Dogs marrying cats,

And sadly.. I see this evolving!

                                                               Final Score, Brownies 24- Ponies 21.

                                                            And there you have it folks, Part 1 of a wonderful group of highly thought out NFL picks! Until next time, It's Christmas time in Hollis Queens!!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

NFL Pick Em's Week 14

I'm sorry.. I honestly figured between the Steelers actually playing the second half, And the Refs actually doing their jobs, The score would have been as close as I had..

But.. That didn't happen.. 2 Non called penalties,And a Steeler team failing to show up in the second half paired for a shitty night...

Let's hope things get better this week!!!


                            Carolina (6-6) At Cleveland(4-7-1)
                                            1:00 PM FOX

                            A mere  weeks ago, Carolina was playing their best football.. Then being blown out by the Steelers, And 3 losses after, The Panthers are just hoping to get a wild card spot..

Then there's Cleveland...Who amazingly are still in the hunt for a wild card spot!!  Win out,And they probably get in..            
 Final Score, Black/Blue  Panther Party 24, Cleveland Show 31.


Atlanta(4-8) At Green Bay(4-7-1)

1:00 PM FOX

Speaking of teams fighting for a wild card spot..

Green Bay is a mess, Firing a coach 3/4 of the way through the season, Causing chaos .. But in the end, It was probably a wise move.

Final Score, Dirty Birds 24- Packers 31. The march continues!

New York(Andre's)(4-8) At Washington(6-6)

                     1:00 PM FOX.

Yet another team fighting to stay alive.. Somehow the Andre's have pulled from the abyss,And decided to try and win..The breaking news tonight is Beckham will not play,But... You're playing the  Mark Sanchez lead Washington team..

Let that sink in a minute..Final Score, Andre's 24- Butt Fumbles 21.


Philadelphia(6-6) At Dallas(7-5)

4:25 PM FOX

Save time here..

Final Score, Green Birds 21- Jerry's Boys 18.


Pittsburgh(7-4-1) At Oakland (2-10)

                   4:25 PM CBS

I'm just going to make this short and sweet..
This is a true trap game.. Going to the west coast,, Playing a team that is just trying to get through the season..

If Pittsburgh is not up by at least 14 at halftime..This game is over.. Oakland can win, But only if the Steelers play like they did in that second half last week..Final Score, Mighty McBeams 44- Raiders 14.  The foot will be on the throat through out!!


                                                       And there you have it, Yet another week of nowhere near fun filled football picks.. Until Next week, Wake me up before you go go...


My brother passed away 12 days ago. . Although it was something I knew would come eventually, The news was still rather shocking. .   Georg...