Sunday, January 1, 2017

NFL Pick Em's Week 17

Happy New Year everyone!! Before we get started , I must apologize for last week's big snafu...

Basically it all started with a drive problem, Then after some switching around of things, Pretty sure we have the bugs fixed now.

So let's talk about wheat you really came here for..Football!!!

Dallas(13-2) At Philadelphia(6-9) 1:00 PM FOX

Could this be the"return" Of Tony Romo? Pretty much a meaningless game for the Cowboys, Would you risk losing the guy who got you this far?

Survey says.. Final Score, Jerry's Boy's 24- Green Eagles 18.

Cleveland (1-14) At Pittsburgh(10-5)
1:00 PM CBS

Before we do the pick, I would like to congratulate the 2016 AFC North Champion Steelers!!

With the division locked up, The Steelers will rest  Large Ben,Le'veon, And Brown.. No sense someone getting injured in a meaningless game.

The Browns will possibly start RG3 At QB... Just have that backup  ready to go as soon as possible!!
Sure the Steelers are resting 3/4 of their starters, But we are playing Cleveland at home
                                                                   Final Score, Cleveland Show,16- Mighty McBeams 24.

 New York(Andre's)10-5) At Washington(8-6-1)

4:25 PM FOX

This is so damn confusing... here's how the Washington Football team can make the playoffs..

Washington clinches a playoff berth with:
  1. WAS win + GB-DET game does not end in a tie OR
  2. WAS tie + GB loss + TB loss or tie

    The Andre's? They are already in. Can we live with 3 teams from the NFC Least in the playoffs?  
    Final Score, Andre's 21-  Washington DC Football team Who's name we will never say 24.. They get in the playoffs..

    Green Bay(9-6) At Detroit(9-6)

    8:30 PM NBC

    You think the Washington DC Team's path to the playoffs is something? Check this out,

    Green Bay can clinch the NFC North division title with:

    1.) GB win or tie

    Green Bay can clinch a playoff berth with:

    1.) WAS loss OR
    2.) WAS tie + TB win + GB clinches at least a tie in strength of victory tiebreaker over TB
    (Note: GB clinches at least a tie in strength of victory tiebreaker over TB if one of the following teams win or tie: SEA, HOU, JAX, PHI. GB has already clinched strength of schedule tiebreaker over TB in this scenario.)

    So you're saying they have a shot? Final Score, Cheeseheads 34- Silver Lions 24.

    Packers get in the playoffs..But Tampa loses, So I think the Lions get in also.. Or is it if the team bus gets a flat tire on the way home from the game, Or if a goat kicks a headlight out? Oh fuck it.. Just find out Monday!!

    And there you have it my friends, Yet another week of nowhere close to thought at, Non scientific pro football pick.. These picks are not to be used for placing bets..

    Until next time, No we have no bananas!!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Yes I know there are supposed to be Picks made, Well that ship sailed about the time the computer decided it wasn't sticking around for the holidays..

So instead of my picks, Which I would have been perfect for the week so far!! I have this simple wish...

I wish that you, And your families and friends have a happy,Safe Christmas, And remember what the day is actually about.. Football at 4:30 and 8!!!

I'll leave you with a helping of Turkey.. Turkey Jones that is.. Some(1?) of my long time readers remember The story of Turkey Jones almost killing Terry Bradshaw during a game.. Well the Christmas tradition is back!! Enjoy your serving of Turkey!! Merry Christmas ..And until next time.That's not mistletoe dude!!


Sunday, December 18, 2016

NFL Pick Em's Week 15

Welcome back to yet another week of fun and NFL games..

It can't get much worse right?

I was wrong!!!

Cleveland(0-13) At Buffalo(6-7) 1:00PM CBS

Let me start by saying I am sorry for those of you who must watch this... I swear they do this same game every fucking season..For some kind of bizarre torture.  I've already spent more time on this game then it requires.. Final Score, Brownies 18- Buffalo 21.

Green Bay(7-6) At Chicago(3-10) 1:00 PM FOX

Final Score, Cheese Heads 34- Da Bears 21.

Pittsburgh(8-5) At Cincinnati(5-7-1)  1:00PM CBS

Final Score, Mighty McBeams  31- Bungles 24. 10 personal foul penalties between both teams!

Detroit(9-4) At New York(Andre's)(9-4)
               1:00 PM  FOX

Final Score, Blue Lions 24- Andre's 28.

Tampa Bay(8-5) At Dallas(11-2)

8:30 PM NBC

Final Score, Bucs 21- Broke Backs 28.

And there you have yet another week of nowhere near thought out, Not even close to scientific professional football picks .. As always, If you can do better, I would love to see it..

Until next time.. You can fool some of the people some of the time, But you can never fool a walrus...

Sunday, December 11, 2016

NFL Pick Em's Week 14

Welcome back to yet another week of fun and games.I'm sure you noticed (or not) Last week was pretty good.

Steelers won, I won a regular season title in 1 Fantasy Football league.. And secured the 1st pick in next years draft in another..From the penthouse to the outhouse,But that's not what brings 2 people here every week.. It's these picks.. Ever forward!!

Pittsburgh(7-5) At Buffalo(6-6) 1:00PM CBS

Where did the Steelers get that defense from? The last 3 games they have had 13 sacks, First 9 games...13 sacks total....I think that total will go up today. Snowy,Windy day on the 2nd mistake by the lake.. Going to be a long afternoon..
 Final Score, Mighty McBeams 31-Williams 16.

Cincinnati(4-7-1)At Cleveland (0-12)  1:00PM CBS

I can honestly say this, Only true fans will watch this game, I'm looking your way Shawn!! And just because it's Browns/Bengals.. We have this treat!

Final Score, Bungles 21- Paul Browns 24..

The Browns FINALLY win!!!

Seattle (8-3-1) At Green Bay(6-6) 4:25 PM FOX

What a confusing game.. The Seahawks leading rusher, Is now playing for the Packers, Who's leading rusher was the QB... Are dogs and cats getting married? What is going on here??

Let's get to the point..
Final Score, Hawks 24- Cheese Heads 44.

Dallas(11-1) At New York(Andre's)(8-4)  8:30 PM NBC

Which Andre's team shows up?The lack luster team that got outplayed by the Steelers last week, Or the team that had won 6 straight? Those 6 teams....Cleveland, Baltimore, L.A , Chicago,Philadelphia,Cincinnati...Maybe 1 or 2 good teams in that list..

But they are playing the Cowboys at home, So at least it will be a good game..As long as Good Eli shows up..

Final Score, Jerry's Boys 24- Andre's 31.

And there you have it.Yet another week of nowhere close to thought out, Non scientific professional football picks.. As always,If you can do better, Prove it.. Until next time,How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? The world may never know...

Sunday, December 4, 2016

NFL Pick Em's Week 13

Some days you just feel alone..Like the poor guy sitting in the stadium.. This is why I do the pick em's.. To hopefully make that 1 person smile!!

This week will be a bit different, After spending almost 24 hours in bed with some kind of flu,This leaves very little time to get the ol blog post done.. So it's just score this week... I apologize for "not bringing the funny" Hopefully we get back to normal next week!!

Houston At Green Bay -Cheese Heads 45-24
Andre's at Pittsburgh   Large Ben's 34-28

And there you have it. A VERY truncated version of our, Non thought out, No where near scientific pro football picks. Hopefully you are not using these picks as a means for income....

Until next time,  May a Japanese chef tell you to Wok this way!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

NFL Pick Em's Week 12

Welcome back to our 2 or 3 loyal readers!! Last week was not too shabby.. Let's go for a clean sweep this week!

There are 3 games for your viewing pleasure on Thanksgiving. We will probably watch parts of all 3, But we will only be picking our normal teams as always..

Thanksgiving Day
Washington(6-3-1) At Dallas (9-1)
4:30 PM FOX

Let's be honest, Does anyone think Washington stands a chance? Well I have 2 scenarios. You take your pick..

Final Score (A) Washington 24- Broke Backs 38.

Final Score (B) Washington 36- Jerry's Boys  14.

Score B is if by some chance Romo gets involved!!

Pittsburgh(5-5) At Indianapolis (5-5)

8:30 PM NBC

Now I am playing Russian Roulette with a computer that wants to crash.. So we are just going to get to the picks..

Final Score
, Large Ben's 42- Blue Horseshoes 28

Sunday Games

                                                                                    New York(Andre's)(7-3) At Cleveland (0-11)
                                                                                   1:00 PM FOX
                                                                                          Andre's 24- Cleveland Show 28.
                                                                                    Green Bay(4-6) At Philadelphia(5-5)_
                                                                                            Monday Night 8:30 PM  ESPN
                                                                                          Acme Packers 27- Green Birds 24.

And there you have it folks, Yet another week of not even thought out, Non scientific football picks.
As always, If you can do better, Prove it! Until next time, The wish bone is not what you think it is!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

NFL Pick Em's Week 11

Welcome back to  yet another week of what are supposed to be winning picks.. Not so much last few.. But as we always say, Ever forward..

Pittsburgh(4-5) At Cleveland (0-10) 1:00 PM CBS

Well..... That was a great ending last week wasn't it? If you are a Cowboys/Ezekiel Elliot fan maybe..

That is at least 3 of the last 4 losses they just brain farted in the 4th quarter.. Something has to change, And hopefully it starts this week.

BUT.... These are the Steelers... And for some reason..They always lose games like this,Hell they've lost a few games all together!!

The only difference is it's Cleveland, And they never show up for these games..
Final Score, Large Ben's 31- Cleveland Show 18.

  Baltimore(5-4) At Dallas(8-1) 1:00 PM CBS

What do we do here? I dislike both teams... Eh fuck it.. Go with what got you here..
Final Score, Convicts 21- Broke Backs 34.

The hate is good!!

Chicago(2-7) At New York( Andre's) 6-3) 1:OO PM FOX

Yeah, This won't take long to figure out.. This is so easy, The Tardy boys could wrap this up in 5 minutes..
Final Score, Da Bears 12- Andre's 28.

Green Bay(4-5) At Washington(5-3-1)

Sunday Night 8:30 PM

Last time we saw the Pack, They were on the wrong end of a hosing.. Not many people put 47 up on them..Chalk it up as a bad week..

Final Score, Cheese Heads 47  Washington football team who's name we won't mention 28.

                                                       And there you have it.. Yet another week of nowhere close to thought out,A planet away from being scientific Football picks.. As always, If you can do better, Please do!!

And until next time,You can't have any pudding until you eat your meat.. How could anyone have pudding if you don't eat your meat?