Saturday, October 22, 2016

NFL Pick Em;s Week 7

Welcome back to yet another fun filled week of what the hell happened?

And by that I mean the annual,Steelers take a nap during a ballgame Insert year.....

I am not sure how many of you who read the blog follow me on Facebook, But last Sunday afternoon was filled with hateful posts about coach Mike Tomlin..

I will not back down from those comments, Yes, I am a die hard Steelers fan..But That does not mean I am going to sit back and not say what's on my mind.... As our motto here is, Always forward.

I want to apologize to the 1 maybe 2 readers who root for the Packers, I totally forgot they played Thursday night.. But I probably would have picked them anyways... REAL Final Score, 26-10
New York(Andre's)(3-3)VS L.A Rams (3-3)

London ,England 9:30 AM NFL Netowrk

Cheerio, Pip Pip.. All that good crap..

The real choice here is, Do you wake up at 9:30 am?? I mean it is football..Good luck with that.
Final Score, Andre's 34- Hollywood Goats 27.

Cleveland(0-6) At Cincinnati(2-4) 1:00 PM CBS

Welcome to the factory of sadness, The game..
This should be unwatchable, Unless you're our good friend R.S!! Then You'll be peppering in choice words, Maybe a air punch or 2..

Let's cut to the chase here..
Final Score, Brownie Bites 31- Bungles 21.. Kessler gets the W, And The new City of Champions (God that hurts me to say it) Erupts with joy!!

New England (5-1) At Pittsburgh(4-2)
4:25 PM CBS

If I were you, I would be puking to Larry...

That loss against the Dolphins may have been the abso lute Worst played game I have seen in forever!!

No tempo on offense, No run defense.. And, As Larry is showing you, Apparently no conditioning either.. When a former team mate calls your coaches out for this shit..You have a problem!!

Now you have to face the Patriots without Large Ben.. I wish I could say I won't watch this game..But I am a Steelers fan.. So I'll watch till the beat downs is on.. Mid 2nd quarter......

Who am I kidding..
Never rule out the under dogs!! Final Score, Belicheats 31- Medium Landry's 34. 

And there you have it folks,Yet another week of nowhere near thought out, Professional  Football picks.. As always, If you win money on these bets...Let's see some cash rolling this way!!

Before we go, I want to thank you yet again..Last week we broke yet ANOTHER record  for page views AND New readers!! Thank you all so much! I never get much feedback, But seeing those numbers  makes my day!!

Until next time, Don't eat the Veal.... It's human....

Saturday, October 15, 2016

NFL Pick Ems Week 6

Well the guy on the left can walk on water.. But did he go 4-0 with his picks last week? HA!!

Not only did we go 4-0 last week.. We were only off by a couple points in each game.. Yeah, You walk on your water.. I'll do my party trick...

Pittsburgh(4-1) At Miami(1-4)  1:00 PM CBS

Welcome to what could possibly be that annual game the Steelers play, And decide they are playing  a team that has a horrible record, So they basically decide to just show up...

These are called trap games... Considering the next 2 games after this are against the Patriots,And the Ravens.... I would almost be OK with them losing.. If it meant they win the next 2 after.. But I am greedy.. Final Score, Large Ben's 44- Laces Out Dan's 21.

Baltimore(3-2)  At New York(Andre's)(2-3)

1:00 PM CBS

I bet you know where I am going to go with this pick.. As much as I dislike the Ravens, I...I....I... Oh fuck it.. I simply can NOT say those words..
Final Score, Ravens 24- Andre's 28.......

Cleveland (0-5) At Tennessee(2-3)  1:00 PM CBS

Cody Kessler gets another shot to put up a W for the Browns this week, On the plus side, They made through it a week without killing  a quarterback..

The Titans, Will be force feeding DeMarco  Murray a steady diet of football..This is going to eb a very...Very..Very long game!!

Final Score, Cleveland Show 18- Titans 17.. Not quite the upset of the year, But it would be a start!

                   Dallas(4-1)At Green Bay (3-1)  4:25 PM FOX

This is the must see game of the week, I do not see Prescott  Continuing the pace he has been on. The Packers are at home, And that is a bad thing for Jerry's Boys..

Final Score, Romo Less 21- Discount Double Checkers 35.

                             And there you have it, Yet another week of not really thought out, Non scientific professional football picks.. As always, If you think you can do better.. You know what to do!
                    Until next time.. If you can't be with the 1 you love.. Love the 1 your with!! 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Now What?

Before we start the 2nd(Wow...) Post of the day.. I want to thank you all for smashing the record we had for views last week .. over 200??? How the hell did that happen!! However it did.. I thank you so much!

In what has been a incredibly weird 2016 Presidential election.. Yesterday's events made this possibly the worst week in Republican Nominee Donald Trump's year!!

The whole idea that"every guy talks like that" Is just pure bullshit.. Sure I have said some vulgar things, I am human.. But Other then for a bit I did on this very blog earlier this year, I have never said Grab her by the P.....   .. And I don't know guy who has actually said those words...

I am thinking Trump never figured he would never be in this position.. He figured he would be out of this by the first Republican debate.

Then he just kept winning.. Partially due to a very weak party, A small percentage was fuled by the whole" They're taken our job" crew..

Nowhere, Nowhere in the world did he think this would ever get this far.. Now what you have is a guy who should have just dropped out when he was ahead.. But he doesn't like to lose, Let's be honest, No one really does..But if you have an ounce of worry something...Anything will come back to haunt you, Maybe it's time to jump..

Then you have Hilary.. I am going to be honest, I was going to vote for her... At first.. And I will just say my decision to not vote for her is fueled by anything Trump has said. I just couldn't come to a point I said, I really want her to win.. 

Every candidate has failed to impress me enough for my vote..  Johnson can't even tell me where Aleppo is.. So he's off the list..

So...... My loyal 2 or 3 readers.. This is what I suggest to you... Do not waste your vote by simply not casting  that vote.. I want you, And everyone you know who is fed up with the bullshit of this 2016 election to do this...

And I am going to borrow this  from the 1985 Richard Pryor movie.. Brewster's Millions...


That's right.. I am asking you.. No begging you to start this movement!
The worst that can happen is a "winner" would have the most votes other then none of the above, Those votes would count as "Invalid votes"So even if 95% of the voting public would vote that way.. Whoever recieved the most votes out of those 5% would win the election.. 

But at this point, What else do you have? I can't count a no one above vote as wasted if it takes away from these morons...I am past the point of this election being serious... The joke started when Trump was selected by the misinformed as their nominee .. Then when Clinton was nominated.. 

I for 1 am just going to write it in.. And while you're there..Write me in as circuit court judge or some crazy shit!!!

NFL Pick Em's Week 5

Welcome back friends to yet another week of fun and games..

And games are what we will pick!!Hopefully with the same results as last week
, I know I was very happy to see the Steelers dismantle the Chefs on Sunday night..Hoping for yet another beat down this week!!

New England(3-1) At Cleveland(0-4) 1:00 PM CBS

Oh yipeeee... Tommy Football is back for that Patriots.. Here's hoping his 4 week vacation was nothing but fun..The Browns, Well they are still on vacation.. The have somewhat been in all games this season..And how much longer can you go with having Kessler and Pryor sharing snaps?

Maybe I am greedy..But Here's to hoping they keep it up.. I get more points in fantasy with Pryor getting action..Final Score, Patriots 34- Brownies 21..UGH.....

New York(Jets) (1-3) At Pittsburgh (3-1)  1:00PM CBS

Welcome back Leveon Bell!! in his first game back this season, All he did was rush for 144 yards . And looked like he was getting stronger as the game went on!

Then...There are the Jets...After throwing 6 interceptions 2 weeks ago, QB Ryan Fitzpatrick got a bit better last week, Only throwing 3..  Brandon Marshall(Blue Bombers WR) Better hope those picks turn into catches for him..

It seems Marshall made a bet with Antonio Brown in the offseason. If Brown has more yards then Marshal at seasons end.. Brown will get Marshall's Porsche...Better start catching up..

Final Score, Green Planes  18- Mighty McBeams 38.Brown will have over 140 yards receiving, Marshall will end up with about 110...

 Cincinnati(2-2) At Dallas(3-1) 4:25 PM CBS

Well.. So much for the Cowboys to just fold like a cheap tent after Romo went down..

Let's just cut to the chase shall we..

Final Score, Bungles 21- Jerry's Boys 28.

 New York(Andre's)(2-2) At Green Bay (2-1)  8:30 PM NBC

Have you really waited all week to watch this? 2 or 3 seasons ago I would say yeah.. But now it's Beckham beating up kickers nets, Throwing a tantrum when he fails to do anything..

Meanwhile On the other side of the field, Green Bay never seems to panic.
Final Score, Andre's 28- Acme 31..

And there you have it folks, Yet another week of not really thought out, Nowhere near scientific professional football picks..

If you are using this to bet money, Send me my cut you cheap bastard..
Until next time... This seems like a job for the Tardy Boys!!!

 And a special early congratulations on the upcoming nuptials of  the very rarely heard co author,And more importantly,A great friend  Ryan .. Wishing you and Courtney the best.!!!!.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

NFL Pick Em's Week 4

Somewhere ..In this line..Some asshole thinks he knows who will win every week!

Welcome back loyal reader(s)?
What a complete shit week we had last week..Thanks to Eli Manning and Large Ben,

I should count the Browns..But I feel bad,And hope they actually win..

                                                                                                        Cleveland(0-3) At Washington (1-2)  1:00PM CBS

Welcome back to that Washington football team, Who has been on our little blog 4 weeks running.. My personal opinion that's 4 weeks too many!!

And how unwatchable is this shit pile going to be? And while we're on the subject. A big hearty fuck you to Terrelle Pryor.. The 1 week I don't have you in my line up.. You ACTUALLY do something... Fuck you, And fuck the Browns while you're  at it!!

Final Score, Cleveland show 21- Washington Football Team 28.

     Dallas(2-1) At San Francisco(1-2)

4:25 PM FOX

Oh boy..Yet another crappy afternoon game!!

This will be where I get my nap for the day!!

Final Score, Broke Backs 24- Gold Rushers 14.

Kansas City(2-1)At Pittsburgh(2-1) 8:30 NBC

Well... That quite the effort last week..At least the Browns scored a touchdown...

Good news for the McBeams, 1 half of the Doobie Brothers is back to start his season..Maybe next season,Leveon can NOT get high,And actually play a full season!!

Let's cut to the chase, You know what's coming..
Final Score, Chefs 21- Fighting Rooney's 37.

New York(Andre's) 2-1) At Minnesota (3-0)

8:30 PM ESPN Monday Night

OK.. This is a very easy pick.. After watching that shit storm of a 4th quarter last week.. I already know where I am with this game

Final Score, Andre's 24- Vikings 31.

                              And there you have it folks, Yet another week of not thought out.Non scientific football predictions.. As always, You think you can do better then me? Then send your picks in!!
                                      And until next week... You can pick your nose, You can pick your friends..But you can't pick your friends nose!!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

NFL Pick Em's Week 3

Some weeks you win....Some weeks you lose.. Thankfully the Large Ben's stayed the course and beat those scummy Bungles!!!

But as our motto has always been, Ever forward!!!

I'm sure our 1(?) Loyal reader is happy we are at least doing picks.. So for that possible 1 loyal reader.. Let the fun begin!

Detroit(1-1) At Green Bay(1-1) 1:00 PM FOX

The Lions are doing somewhat OK with out Megatron, Help if you have 18 receivers to throw to..

Then there is Aaron Rodgers.He always has these crappy numbers beginning/ Midseason, And he always bounces back.

Let's be honest here.. Green Bay really doesn't lose a lot at home,And  this is the home opener.. I have to disclose before I go any further, I have RB Eddie Lacy in my fantasy league.. So, Here's hoping for a 175 yards, 2 touchdown day for him!!

Final Score, Blue Cats, 24- Acme Cheese 38.

Cleveland(0-2) At Miami (0-2) 1:00 PM CBS

Welcome to the round table of Quarter backing Browns style..
The Browns have used RG3,Josh McCown ,And now will use rookie Case  Cody Kessler .With Clip board Jesus,
 Charlie Whitehurst as back up..

If you think that is bad.. The Dolphins leading rusher is Ryan Tannehill ..

I'm going out on a limb here, The fire needs to be put out..
Final score, Cleveland Show 24- Land sharks 21.

Washington(0-2) At New York(Andres) (0-2)

1:00 PM FOX

The Washington football team's run through Grumblings And Rumblings Pick Em's tour continues this week..

After falling to Pittsburgh,And Dallas. They now have the pleasure to go up against The Andre's..

Let's be honest here folks.. New York is playing at home, Just beat the Saints by a late FG.. I just don't know what to say.. Oh who am I kidding...

Final Score, Washington 28-  Andre's 35.

Pittsburgh(2-0) At Philadelphia (2-0) 4:25 PM CBS

THIS may be the game of the week,But then I think about who the Eagles have played... They played RG3 for maybe 3 quarters.. And Jay Cutler for a half..

Just do not see them putting up numbers against the Steeler defense..

Oh screw it, You know what I'm going to do
                       Final Score, Mighty McBeams 36- Green Birds 21.

Chicago(0-2) At Dallas(1-1) 8:30 PM NBC

How bad is Chicago? Brian Hoyer is your starting quarter back..

Let's just cut to the chase.. I hate picking Dallas..

Final Score, Da Bears, 34- Brokebacks 28

See what I did there? It's called a swerve...

And there you have it folks, Yet another week of somewhat thought out, Non scientific football picks.. Until next week, If you shake it more then 3 times..It's playing with it...

Sunday, September 18, 2016

NFL Pick Em's Week 2

Thank god football is back!! And if you followed along last week,. You may have noticed I wasn't too shabby!! 3-1 is oil.,But also my record for the young season.. Suck on that haters lol.Now what you're really here for... Picks damnit!!

Dallas(0-1) At Washington(0-1)  1:00PM FOX

Washington spent a lot of money for a CB who covered Darrius Heyward Bay Monday night.. Rather then cov er Antonio Brown, Who scored twice ... They had him cover Bay.. Who had a total of 2..Yes 2 passes defended... Money well spent..

Congratulations, You now get to face Dez Bryant Tell me how you think this 1 ends up?

Final score, Washington Football team 14-Brokebacks  31.. Toast WILL be served..

Cincinnati (1-0) At Pittsburgh(1-0) 1:00PM CBS

I can bet I will not see anything but highlights from this game, Only because Baltimore plays at the same time.. Vontaze Burfict will be watching from home, Thanks to a hit that almost took off Antonio Brown's head in the playoffs last season..

Also missing is 1 half of the Doobie Brothers, Leveon Bell.. Who will miss the 2nd of his 3 games .. This game is just going to be ugly..No love lost on either side of the ball, The hits will be coming all day.. Just think of last season, You know that playoff game...Second verse, Same as the first.. Final Score, Bungles 21- Large Bens 36.

New Orleans (0-1)At New York(Andres)
1:00 PM FOX

This is a tale of 2 games.. Little Eli throws for 207,And wins... Drew Brees throws for 423 and loses.... The key is being efficient..But if we get lucky, This will be a shootout like last year..

Final Score, Andre's 41- Aint's 42.. Pick 6 from Eli late..

 Baltimore(1-0) At Cleveland(0-1)

1:00 PM CBS

This game is going to be a dumpster fire.. Baltimore had to squeak out a win against the Bills, The Browns.. Well they are the Browns....

Sadly this is the game I will probably be forced to watch.. NOT..
Final Score, Convicts 21- Cleveland show 24.

 Green Bay(1-0) At Minnesota (1-0)   8:30 PM NBC

The Vikings are keeping quiet on who is starting at Quarterback ...And it really doesn't matter.. They'll be out by halftime..Not for injury(Heaven Forbid) But just plain ineffectiveness.. Good thing they have Peterson..

1 Good thing about this game. That new TD Bank Stadium is pretty sweet looking!!
Final score, Acme Cheese 41- Purple People Eaters 24.

And there you have it folks, Yet another week of nowhere hear thought out.. Non scientific Pro Football picks.. Until next time.. You can't have any pudding unless your eat your meat!