Sunday, December 22, 2013

Gifts For The Season!

Yes yes, It's that time O year again.. Gather round the tree, blah blah.. Not everyone can get together for the season.. And we all like gifts right? These are a few people who deserve gifts this year,And  maybe that gift will last throughout 2014.

To Pirates manager Clint Hurdle. Lasting success into,And beyond the 2014 season.. You and the Pirates brought a new level of excitement to Pittsburgh this season.. Let's hope it keeps going!!

To sports fans everywhere.. Having a longer fuse/Less of a quick temper. We all love our sports, But no one needs injured or heaven forbid killed over a sport.. Is it worth someone spending time in jail because someone said your team blows goats?

To reality show creators. Try something original. Is it too much to ask that you give us something other then,A)Hillbillies,B)Hillbillies hunting gators,C) Hillbillies who can not speak a fucking word without it having a translation on the screen? Honestly, I do not understand the logic involved in running down to..Wherever these idiots live, And following them around with a camera.. All you are doing is making the idiots who watch this dreck  go out and act like them! My gift to you is this.. Writing classes. Just go somewhere,Anywhere, And learn script writing.. No one would be upset if you put a show on that is watchable..Honest!!

To all the Obama haters.. Just come out and admit you do not like having a black man run the country!! Bush did much worse then Obama ever could, But there are people who want to make him pope! Just finally admit what the rest of us already know.. You can not tolerate having a man of color run your country.. Not asking for much are we?My gift to you, Making you go back and read everything  they wrote about Governor Bush. Then maybe that will open your eyes a bit..

To fans of stars killed in horrific accidents.. Please stop saying"They died doing what they loved" They loved smashing into a light pole and catching on fire? Think before you speak..My gift to you.. A book containing every star ever killed in a accident.. Maybe then you could realize, Just because they are"Action stars" Doesn't mean they have a death wish!

To a certain individual (You know who you are)... Who thinks Obama is the next Hitler(Read 2 above) Who bases his hate of a team on whether someone signs an autograph for him, Who can not take an ounce of criticism from anyone.
My gift to you is this.. A book of history.This way you can finally see that things are,And have been messed up for years..Not just since Obama took office! Also the gift of listening.. If you are afraid to open your mind  to see the other side of things, You will always be the same person who thinks only Tea Party members are worth putting in office!!I also offer you the gift of forgiveness... I know I have had dust ups with my friends.Some worse then others.. But I have never..Ever had someone call for a public apology for something that was not that big of a deal!!!

And finally.My gift to my loyal 3 or 4 readers.. I wish you the happiest and safest holiday season! May you have a great 2014,And many years beyond! Here's looking at a year with much less sorrow, And many more great times ahead!!!
 Merry Christmas


Mike Treadwell said...

Could the "certain individual" be a certain person of the Jewish faith, who has had outstanding careers in the fast food, home improvement and storage rental industries?

Anonymous said...

You forgot his love of porn as well

Mike said...

I do think that could be the said person.... I'm just sayin!

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